Published 2022-01-05
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How A Popular X-Files Episode Used A Real, Scandalous Case!

The X-Files - The Story Behind The Episode

While it is true that the story that we are about to tell you inspired the episode it wasn’t as drastic as the one depicted on the show. The men behind the story were the Ward brothers who lived in a rural farming community near Utica, New York. There were four of them Roscoe who was born in 1919, Lyman George in 1923, William Jay in 1926, and Adelbert Daniel, known as Delbert in 1930. The brothers were all bachelors who lived in a 90-acre dairy farm southeast of Syracuse that had been in their family for generations. Their home was a rough, unpainted four-room house that had running water and electricity but no phone.

The Ward Brothers - Simple Men

The men were barely literate. They had no formal education and because of their notably low IQ, many had called them hermits and others even went as far as to call them inbred. Though people in their community had been quick to defend them with a friend of theirs, Emilie Stilwell, speaking to the press about the brothers in 1990 where she said that they do live off by themselves but they are not hermits or recluses. She had called them a “throwback to pioneer days” and added that if you need help building a barn they’d be the first to arrive to help and the last to leave. Read on to find out what happened that these brothers had gained international fame.

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