Published 2022-01-05
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Chinese Dragons & Other Cryptids Still Spotted Today?!

Long - Chinese Dragon

One of the biggest Chinese mythical creatures without a shadow of a doubt is the Chinese dragon, sometimes also called loong, long, or lung. They have been described as lizard-like, without any wings, and simply slithering through the air, and have long been associated with the culture and are nearly always present during the Chinese New Year Celebrations. On top of that, they had often appeared in pop culture. One of the most famous examples is Mushu in the Disney animated movie Mulan. The dragon was also featured in Disney’s cartoon American Dragon: Jake Long and most recently in the brand new Disney movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. This legendary beast has accompanied the Chinese since the dawn of time and the snake-like monster can be found on the most ancient artifacts found by archaeologists in the Central State. In historical times, the long was a symbol of emperors and the hero of countless proverbs and legends.


Chinese Dragon - Theories

Over the years there had been many theories put forward with regards to the origin of the beats. Some scholars believe that the dragon was originally a crocodile inhabiting the rivers of the lands. The original Chinese tribes were said to have worshipped it and as the great reptiles became rarer and rarer, the collective memory grew distant, until eventually a giant dragon was born from the very ordinary creature that is a crocodile. There have also been claims that the long was created by combining elements of various totemic animals worshiped by ancient Chinese people. One person, a Polish sinologist, even believed that the prototype of the dragon was a species of seahorses! Though the Chinese see it differently. Every now and then a rumor spreads through the country that somewhere far away someone has seen a dragon flying by. In the Confucian culture, such an appearance was seen as an omen. Therefore, every piece of information caused a great stir. Make sure to read on to find out when these creatures were sighted! And it wasn’t that long ago!

Long - Chinese Dragon
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