Published 2022-01-05
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Is The Eerie La Pascualita A Haunted Mannequin Or A Mummified Woman?

Appearance Of La Pascualita

It was 1930 when it first appeared in the display window of La Popular bridal store. People passing by immediately noticed that its appearance was unlike the usual mannequins of the time, displayed in malls to showcase clothes. La Pascualita had expressive features and human-like skin. Besides, also her hair or eyelashes did not look artificial, and her glassy eyes caused concern, as one had the impression that they were actually looking at curious onlookers. Quite a few people, upon seeing it, decided to enter the store just to get a closer look, and this resulted in further surprising observations. Indeed, La Pascualita had very realistic hands, and one could even see something like small varicose veins on her legs.

How The Owner Acquired The Mannequin

The question arose - where did Pascual de Perez, the owner of a bridal boutique, get such a mannequin? One story argues that it was brought to Mexico directly from France. It then found its way to the El Puerto del Liverpool store in Mexico City, where Perez often bought fabrics and accessories for his business. It is said that when he first saw the mannequin he was so fascinated by it that he asked how much he would have to pay to take it with him. The shopkeepers reportedly refused to sell it, claiming that the woman's figure was too precious to get rid of, and it was only when Pascual threatened to cut all business ties with the wholesaler that they agreed to give it back.

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