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Queen Elizabeth II - What Does She Carry In Her Handbag & What Signals Does She Send With It!

Elizabeth II's handbag is perhaps the most iconic symbol of her royal style. For decades it has been an indispensable companion in every situation and, what is interesting, also a source of numerous speculations because it is said that with its help the monarch sends secret signals to her staff. Also, other women in the royal family use their handbags not only as stylish accessories. Kate Middleton is most often seen in public with a clutch bag held in front of two hands for good reason. The tragically deceased Princess Diana was known for her cleavage bags, and Meghan Markle even broke royal tradition with her bag. Why do the ladies of the Windsors family wear statement handbags? What do we know about the iconic Elizabeth II handbag and its contents? How is it used to communicate with insiders?

The royal it-bag

It-bags are nothing more nothing less but the most coveted handbags in the world. They are the best-selling accessories of famous luxury brands such as Chanel, Fendi, and Hermes. The handbag worn by the British Queen is another it-bag particularly coveted by women. Elizabeth II has been using handbags made by the London-based company Launer for over 40 years. They are handmade in a factory in Walsall and their price varies from 500 to 1000 pounds, depending on the design. The Queen is faithful to models called Traviata with a simple, boxy shape and short handles. She usually opts for their black, white, or beige color. All bags for the Queen are made on special order, sewn from the finest calf leather, and lined with a light suede. They are compact enough not to disturb the Queen when shaking hands with those who greet her and at the same time spacious enough to hold everything the Queen needs to have at hand. Exactly - and what does Elizabeth II carry in her handbag? Read on to find out…

What does Queen Elizabeth carry in her handbag?

Well-informed people close to Elizabeth II report that the royal handbag cannot miss reading glasses, a handkerchief, mints, and a fountain pen. The author of the book entitled "What's In The Queen's Handbags?", revealed that the monarch also carries treats for her corgi, a diary, and a small camera that she uses to take pictures when she is visited by presidents and VIPs. She also always remembers to take a small pair of binoculars with her when she goes to the horse races. Like most women, she carries a small mirror and lipstick, and perhaps the most personal item she always carries is the metal makeup bag she received from Prince Philip as a wedding gift.

The Bag Can Fit A Lot

A royal handbag can hold a lot of things. The list of items in it can not miss good luck charms, such as miniature horses, a few family photographs, or a souvenir from childhood, which is ... a small pocketknife. In the Royal Launderer, on the other hand, there are no such things as keys, credit cards, or driving licenses, because Elizabeth II is the only person in Great Britain who does not have to have it, even though she drives a car. She also doesn't carry a cell phone because, she says - anyone who wants to contact her knows how to do it!

The mystery of Queen Elizabeth II's handbag

The Queen's handbag is so important that she doesn't actually go anywhere without it, and the only place where she doesn't actually have it with her is Balmoral Castle, where the monarch rests during the summer months from her daily duties. When she's not on a well-deserved vacation, she spends a lot of time meeting or chatting with dignitaries, politicians, or other famous people from around the world, hosting dinners or important events. According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, she also has several coded signals with which he announces to staff that she is willing to end a conversation or even an entire meeting. Which ones? We’ll tell you right now…

Elizabeth II's secret handbag signs

When Elizabeth II moves her bag from hand to hand it means that she is ready to interrupt the conversation which is just going on, and when she puts it on the chair it means that she feels like having a longer chat. Conversely, when she places the bag on the table it signals that she is ready to leave the event in the next 5 minutes, and when the bag is placed on the floor it is a sign to her assistants that she wants to talk longer with the visitor. When, in the course of walking with a visiting person, the Queen tosses the bag aside in a certain way she also tells her staff to join the conversation, so that she can politely leave after a while. The monarch meets thousands of people on her way, and when someone gets too close again her bag fulfills another important task, for it helps to gain some personal space.

Kate Middleton’s Handbag

According to reports from royal experts, Kate Middleton, like the Queen, uses her purse to politely avoid interacting with certain people. This is why the Duchess, when attending an event or a big outing, is usually seen with her clutch bag held in front in both hands, as it is a way to avoid reaching out to everyone or avoiding awkward hugs.

Meghan Markle's Handbag

Meghan Markle could often be seen with her purse slung over her shoulder on a long strap, so that her hands are not busy and she accepts most of the hugs from the crowd and gifts given. This style of carrying is, according to experts, a break with royal tradition and even a violation of the etiquette and fashion rules of the royal court. But Prince Harry's wife not only in this regard did not stick to the established standards. According to them, aristocratic women must wear tights when they choose to wear a dress or skirt, something Markle notoriously avoided. Hair protocol for female members of the royal family states that they must have perfectly maintained hairstyles at all times, and while a fine net often lands on Kate Middleton's head to keep her updo free of protruding strands, Meghan has been seen several times with a messy bun.

Princess Diana's cleavage handbag

But it's not at all like Markle is the only person from the royal court who breaks fashion and beauty rules. Even Princess Diana did it and, for example, she did not wear gloves and hats on her head in public places, even when she should have. Besides, she often preferred to wear handbags exactly like Prince Harry's wife, and it is also interesting to note that she used accessories called "cleavage handbags". What is it? You can find the answer below…

Princess Diana’s Double Use Of Handbags

Being one of the most photographed women in the world, Lady Di was very careful about her image and for the sake of modesty did not want the paparazzi to capture her cleavage when she was leaving the car. To avoid such shots, every time she got out of the car, she held a clutch bag at the height of her breasts and that's where the term "cleavage bags" comes from. Her other unforgettable styling elements, such as the revenge dress worn when Prince Charles publicly confessed to adultery with Camilla Parker Bowles, have also gone down in history. You'll learn the remarkable story of the revenge dress in our episode the link to which is displayed below.

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