Published 2022-01-25
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The Story Of Lili Elbe! What Happened To The First Person To Have Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Einar discovers Lili and begins to show his femininity

The artists' marriage was successful, and no one could have imagined the great changes that would take place in their lives. It is not entirely clear whether the immense femininity that lay dormant in Einar influenced his life before he consciously discovered it in himself. It all started with a seemingly small and insignificant event. Einar's wife wanted to finish a painting of the actress Anna Larssen, who did not come at the appointed time. So she asked her husband to replace the original model. Einar agreed and timidly put on stockings and stilettos. According to information, he himself did not think that he would bring his femininity to light in such a way. It turned out that inside the man's body there was a young, beautiful woman with an enormous desire to live. What's more, with time she began to manifest her presence to the world more strongly. The name Lili was suggested by Anna Larssen when she saw Einar posing for a portrait of his wife. She was not aware, however, that Lili is as real as can be and will soon supplant Einar, who was more and more eager to put on women's clothes, to think and speak of himself as - Lili.

Einar ceases to exist

Einar, a faithful husband, a quiet and shy man, slowly ceased to exist. Lili had her own plans and desires and the great support of her wife. Their story is also a tale of great love crossing boundaries. Gerda not only did not protest against her husband "becoming" and then "being" a woman, but encouraged him to do so herself. Lili, still formally Einar not only posed for paintings but eventually began to appear in ordinary life. Over the years, Lili and Gerda received guests in the house and attended various lavish celebrations. Lili at that time was usually portrayed as Gerda's relative. And although those closest to her were aware of the Einar/Lili double life, Lili was so feminine and handsome that no one from further acquaintances suspected the truth. She was rumored to be so attractive that other men courted her and matrimonial proposals occurred.

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