Published 2022-01-25
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The Story Of Lili Elbe! What Happened To The First Person To Have Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Lili was Gerda's muse

It is worth mentioning that initially, Gerda's portraits were not particularly popular. When she asked her husband to pose for her in women's clothing, she not only initiated Lili's courage to manifest her existence. And then not only did the Wegners' marriage change but also their professional affairs. When quite unexpectedly Einar became extremely comfortable in his new role and discovered his true self, he became the best model for his wife. Gerda's portraits and erotica of Lili depicted an extremely feminine yet delicate girl with almond-shaped eyes and sensual lips. These works quickly became a great success which promoted Gerda in the world markets and made her a well-known painter. Moreover, Gerda's fame eventually overshadowed Einar's works. When in 1914 it came to light that this beautiful, full of sex appeal, elegant, model was, in fact, Gerda's husband there was an international scandal in the artistic community. It turned out that in the artistic circles it was not the end of the world. The Wegener family continued to appear at the salons and their paintings sold well, some of them can still be admired in museums.

Breakthroughs in Lili's life

Lili still as Einar, began to desire changes in her life. She felt an overwhelming need for correction. Importantly; not a "change" of gender, but a correction. It is impossible to change the gender of a person who, contrary to physical characteristics, has always had that gender, felt that gender. In order to correct nature's mistake, Lili dared to do something that seemed almost impossible at the time and yes, she underwent the first documented sex correction in history. It was 1930 when Lili, after many years of existing in Einar's body, traveled to Germany for the operation, which at the time was highly experimental. It is often reported that the first transgender person to undergo modern sex reassignment surgery (SRS) was Christine Jorgensen in 1952. Yet between 1930 and 1931, it was Lili Elbe who underwent a series of operations to transform her body into that of a woman. However, it ultimately did not end well for her and she was not able to enjoy physical femininity for very long.

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