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Unbelievable Things Stars Have Insured! Who will get Millions For Chest Hair?!

It’s a good idea to have insurance on your most valuable belongings in case something were to happen to them. Life can be unpredictable especially if those things were of great value. But for the rich and famous, insurance policies aren't just for houses and cars. Many celebrities also insure their personal assets to protect their careers in the limelight. Which celebrities have made such a choice? Which body parts have they insured? And who got the biggest policy on their asset? Read on to find out!

Unusual Insurance On Celebrity Body Parts

Unusual Insurance On Celebrity Body Parts

While some of the body parts that we will mention will make sense for some stars as they make a living of them, some might be a bit puzzling at first. Such as Miley Cyrus who insured her tongue. The former Disney star began sticking out her tongue during the 2013 VMAs because as she revealed, she didn’t know what to do with her face. She continued doing it and it soon became a trademark for her. So much that she had it insured for $1 million! But a tongue does tie in with speaking so as a singer it would make a little bit of sense. However, another odd thing to insure has been chest hair for $6.9 million! Yes, that is a real insurance policy that legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones took out on his chest hair allegedly due to the fact that so many fans tried to pluck hairs off as a souvenir. And while you might think that it is crazy, then wait to see what else famous stars had decided to protect!

Protect Madonna’s Million Dollar Breasts!

Of course, some stars are known for their looks or something specific about them and it seems that in the case of Hefner’s former girlfriend Holly Madison, that would involve her breasts. As the ex-playboy mansion housemate revealed, she believes her assets were needed to be insured for $1 million ($500,000 each) as it was a practical career decision because if anything happened to them, she’d be out for a few months as well as out of a million dollars. Though it isn’t just Playboy bunnies who value their cleavage enough to take out an insurance policy on it. Thinking along the same lines as Holly, world-famous singer Madonna has insured her breasts for $2 million as she believes her career would seriously suffer if anything happened to them.

Julia Roberts And Her Iconic Smile

Of course some stars are known and recognized for their smile and one person that many would associate with her grin would be actress America Ferrera who played Betty Suarez in ABC’s Ugly Betty. Ferrera’s brace-covered grin was insured for $10 million as part of a promotion for the US charity, Smiles for Success which provides dental care for women looking to join the workforce for the first time. Though here, this policy expired in 2008 but for the sum of money involved it deserved a place on our list. But there is another star that is known for her grin and that would be the Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts. Being a famous celebrity and at the time being the face of Lancome cosmetics, she had insured her pearly white grin for $30 million.

Heidi Klum’s Leg Policy & More

Of course, there had been plenty of stars that had insured their legs. Starting off with the smallest insurance policy is Rihanna with $1 million. She made the decision to make such a move after winning Gillette’s Venus Breeze Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award in 2007. For $2 million, supermodel Heidi Klum had made the same decision yet here is an interesting fact. As per a Vogue report, when Klum had her legs examined, it was concluded that her right leg is worth more than her left as it has a scar from when she fell on glass. Topping the women’s list of leg insurances, though not confirmed for 100%, is Taylor Swift who allegedly has taken out a $40 million policy on them, before her 2015 tour in case she sustained an injury that would prevent her from dancing.

David Beckham’s Record-Breaking Legs

But it wasn’t just the ladies that had their legs insured. Several soccer players have done the same, as without them they cannot do their job. And here is where the sums of money start getting crazy. In 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo has insured his legs for $45 million EACH in a move to protect his successful sports career from potential injury, and looking at his career successes his move might not have been that surprising. His colleague David Beckham has also done the same in 2006, for a mind-blowing sum of $195. According to reports from several sports-related outlets, to this day it remains the biggest sports-related insurance policy ever.

Daniel Craig Worried For His Body?

Now while some of Hollywood’s finest have decided to insure specific body parts, Daniel Craig had decided to save himself the hassle and had his body insured for $9.5 million. Though the James Bond start has a good reason for doing so. When working on the movie Quantum of Solace in 2008, he performed many of his own stunts and so the decision was made to secure himself in case of injury. Given that he had surgery on his ankle after injuring himself on the set of No Time To Die, it can be said the policy was a good move.

Keith Richard’s Famous Middle Finger

Of course, a musician that plays an instrument most certainly values his hands and that is why Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards took out insurance on his hands for $1.6 million. However, some sources argue that it wasn’t for his hands but just his middle finger on his left hand as apparently it is crucial to play particular chord patterns.

Jennifer Lopez Protect That Butt!

We’ve gone through several different insurance policies some of which may make more sense to you some which may make less. And here it’s worth adding there were stars who had also decided to protect their butts. Australian singer Kylie Minogue was one of them and she has valued it at $5 million. When asked why she said: “You never know what the future holds. It could become a pear.” For years there have been rumors going around that Jennifer Lopez has had her rear insured for $27 million yet when appearing on James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke she said that is not the case. What do you think? Is it the truth or is she embarrassed to say it? And one star that had her behind insured has been Kim Kardashian with a whopping sum of $21 million. On top of this, she also reportedly spends $5,000 a day to hire a tailor to make sure her clothes fit her posterior perfectly.

Mariah Carey’s Billion Dollar Investment

Now we reach the star that has the highest, publically known insurance policy. This singer had her voice insured for $35 million and reportedly made the decision in case she damaged her five-octave vocal range during her world tour. But to add to this, she took out a BILLION dollar insurance on her legs. When an interviewer for the BET channel asked her about this ‘million’ dollar policy, she allegedly corrected them saying it was in fact a billion-dollar one.

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