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Published 2022-01-28
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Woman With Two Vaginas Uses One For Work One For Pleasure.

An OnlyFans creator is using her platform to not only make money by creating adult content but in a way also raise awareness for a condition that she has named Uterus didelphys and as a result of it, the former escort has two vaginas. While the condition is rare, there have been cases recorded in the past. But just how has this changed the woman’s life? Has it hindered her in life? In what ways did it benefit her career? And what troubles came with a pregnancy? Read on until the very end to find out all about Evelyn’s condition and how it affects her life.

Finding Out It’s Not Normal

Growing up, Evelyn who is a nurse by training and an OnlyFans creator, knew that she was different when she got her first period and tampons wouldn’t work for her as they did for other women. On top of this, when she began having intimate relations, she noted that the sex felt really different each time. Though it wasn’t until the Australian native was in her early 20s, and sought an abortion that she understood just how different she was. When the clinicians couldn’t find the embryo at first, they soon discovered it and thus found out that the woman had two vaginas, each with its own reproductive system. Speaking about the diagnosis Evelyn said that it felt good, knowing what was wrong with her. But just what exactly is the condition? Read on to find out.

Finding Out It’s Not Normal

What Is Uterus Didelphys?

With the condition being extremely rare, it is no surprise that most people would not have thought that’s what could have been an issue. But just exactly what is it? The condition is known as uterus didelphys and it can occur when the uterine system is developing in utero. The cells in the center are supposed to fuse but as Dr. Stephanie Ros told Insider, that “can go wrong in many ways. Some people have one vagina and two cervixes, and some have the opposite. In the case of Evelyn, the two had never been fused inside but her outward anatomy is ‘normal’, yet she has two of everything including two simultaneous periods, and any medical exams on her vagina have to be done twice. The condition affects about 1 in 3,000 women worldwide.

Useful For Evelyn’s Escort Work

Evelyn worked as an escort for eight years and speaking with 7News she revealed that having two reproductive sets was handy not only for endurance purposes but because it also allowed her to separate her work and private relationships. Speaking of her past work she also revealed that one of her clients who was a gynecologist was so mind blown that he turned their session into a medical exam, even asking her if she had a “sex change gone wrong”. But now, the 31-year-old has started speaking more about her condition, which has generated a lot of “intrigue” and had boosted her OnlyFans following by around 1700 new subscribers.

Personal Relationship

Speaking of her condition and her personal life, the adult content creator has revealed that for her separating her personal and professional lives was very important, as it didn’t take a toll on her relationship. Getting candid with a local news station Evelyn had said that her favorite is the right one as sex is slightly more comfortable and she can orgasm using that one, so naturally, that is the one that she reserves for her personal life. Though doctors have told the woman that it is possible for her to get pregnant in both of her uteruses.

Starting A Family

When the 31-year-old and her husband had decided to start a family of their own, her condition had caused a few problems for them. While a double uterus doesn’t always affect fertility it can increase the risks of miscarriages. However there were hurdles to overcome for the couple prior to getting pregnant For once, Evelyn can’t precisely track ovulation since doctors don’t know if both of her ovaries release an egg each month or if they alternate. Plus, her extra reproductive track means that there is not a lot of room in her abdominal cavity for a fetus to grow. On top of all that, it turned out that her partner had a low sperm count and as a result, doctors were pushing the couples to use IVF and prepare for very premature delivery. But did the pair face any further issues while pregnant? Read on to find out.

What Is Uterus Didelphys?

Pregnancy With Two Vaginas

When trying naturally, the couple was told by the doctor to only use her right vagina if trying to conceive as getting pregnant on both sides would have been too risky. Given the difficulties, when the woman and her partner managed to get pregnant naturally after a month of trying they were both very ecstatic. Though it was still very high-risk, mostly because doctors didn’t know how much her right uterus could expand and they worried she’d go into preterm labor, as well as the fact that it could be dangerous for the baby to navigate traveling out of her off-center vagina. So following the doctor’s orders, Evelyn rested a lot and went to two doctor’s appointments each week. But eventually, her bump grew, but off to one side.

Useful For Evelyn’s Escort Work

Giving Birth

Though it all turned out well in the end. Speaking with Insider, Evelyn said that she had made it to her scheduled 37-week c-section. She also revealed that before stitching her up, doctors pulled out both uteruses to photograph as they were fascinated by her condition. As for the health of her baby, the woman who is now expecting her second child has added that everything was fine but that he needed to have his joints checked because he was “so squashed in there”. Though Evelyn isn’t the only woman who has gone through this condition. What were their experiences like? Read on to find out.

Personal Relationship

Not Seeing Anything Wrong

Another woman, who now uses her social media, mainly TikTok, to educate others about her condition is 24-year-old Tee Bartlett. Much like Evelyn she too was born with two vaginas but she believed it was normal to use two tampons at once when on her period, and that was because she didn’t want to “talk about embarrassing stuff” with her mom. And so she assumed that all women had two vaginas. It wasn’t until she was 16 and after plucking up some courage, asked her mom in “which hole” the tampon needed to be inserted. That had prompted an urgent doctor visit and after seeing 4 different ones, the first brushing off her concerns, she was finally given answers about her condition.

Famous YouTuber With The Same Condition

To many Cassandra Bankson might be familiar with the YouTube start that offers make-up and skincare tips to her followers. Yet as she revealed a while back, she also has been diagnosed with uterus didelphys. After suffering from kidney pains, the woman went to the hospital to go and make sure that everything was alright. However, when she got the test results back, the doctor said she only had one kidney and flippantly added that she also has two vaginas. While this does not affect her health in any way, Bankson has joked that because of this she’s twice the woman.

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