Published 2022-01-28
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The Quietest Place In The World. It's Where Everyone Loses Their Minds!

An extraordinary experience for the human mind

In a reflectionless chamber, the background noise in the room is so low that it approaches the lowest threshold imaginable to mathematicians, absolute zero. So there is no chance of encountering the echo effect. What's more, no matter how far away the other person stands, their voice will sound just as loud from different distances. In a room, every word is heard at the same frequency, no matter whether whispered directly into the ear or from a distance of several meters! It may seem that in such a room you will find blissful silence and great peace. Nothing could be more misleading! Yes, it is unbelievably quiet, but it lasts a very short time! Quickly, sounds begin to reach us, which we do not hear every day. And with every second spent in the chamber, they are getting louder and more unbearable…

It's hard to bear the sounds of your own body

In such a quiet room, where no sound can reach us, our sense of hearing adapts to the prevailing conditions. After a while, you begin to hear your body, which becomes unbearably loud. Being inside the chamber, you can hear not only your heart beating, blood circulating and pulsating in your temples, sounds of your digestive system. Your own breath starts to sound like a rumble, swallowing saliva becomes tiring for your hearing, every movement of your body starts to be heard, the creaking of joints becomes frightening!

An extraordinary experience for the human mind
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