Published 2022-01-31
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Turpin Siblings - Huge Dramas After Horror House Escape. The Government Failed Them Again!

The Turpin Children’s Escape

By 2018 the children had been planning their escape from their parents for more than two years. The fateful day came on January 14th, 2018, when two of the girls left the house through a window. The 13-year-old got scared and turned back, but then-17-year-old Jordan carried on and when she made some distance from the property she called 911 on a deactivated cell phone that she had brought with her. During the call, she told the dispatcher that she and her siblings were abused by their parents, spoke of the conditions revealing that sometimes the smell was so bad that she could barely breathe. She wasn’t sure whether anyone would believe her but when a police officer arrived where she was, the teenager was able to show him photographic proof of the inside of the house. After getting more information from the girl, deputies of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department raided the house, stating that they were there for a “welfare check”.

The Turpin Children Conditions

What the officers saw that day had deeply shocked them. The children were described as being beaten, starved, and put in cages and they had spent most of their time locked in their room. Those present on the scene had described it as a “house of horrors” where the kids were chained to furniture and often deprived of a toilet. Some of the victims had so little contact with the outside world that they did not understand the concept of a police officer or medicine. As it was reported at the time, the investigators concluded that the couple's youngest child, a two-year-old toddler, was the only one not abused. Upon finding the children, the sheriff’s office had reported that deputies believed that there were 12 children there however it shocked them to learn that seven of them were actually adults, and were so malnourished that they appeared like children with the 29-year-old weighing just 82 pounds.

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