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Mother Threw 3-Year-Old Daughter Into A Bears Enclosure At A Zoo!

One of the most fun days out as a family is surely a trip to the zoo where the children can look at and learn about animals that otherwise they would only get a chance to see on TV or in books. Of course, to ensure the safety of both the guests as well as the animals there are several protections in place as well as rules that visitors need to follow. The first and most important one is to not go sticking hands or fingers or any other body part into an animal enclosure. And while the rules are clearly stated, and there usually is a distance between the guests and actual enclosure, especially with regards to the more dangerous animals, accidents still do happen. Just like a recent story about a woman who is now facing charges of attempted murder after throwing her 3-year-old daughter into a bear enclosure. What exactly happened? Did the child survive? And what motive did the woman have? Read on until the end to find out.

Zoo Accidents

Zoo Accidents

According to The Dodo, as times changed so did the zoos. The animals had gone from simply being kept in cages for people to look at, to allow them to live in enclosures that are more representative of what they would see if they were living in the wild. This at times means that they have in some ways become easier for visitors to breach. According to CNN, an animal advocacy group Born Free has reported that there have been around 256 injuries in zoos due to animal attacks over the past 26 years in the USA alone. Those have sadly resulted in 33 deaths and would include injuries from situations such as a child falling into the animal enclosure, however, most of them involved mainly zookeepers or trainers. Though the publication noted that given the number of people who annually visit these parks, zoo-related accidents don’t actually happen all that often. But, they still do such as this story of a mother and her child prove that. What exactly happened? Read on to find out.

Zoo Accidents 1

Zoo Accident In Tashkent

Most likely for the staff and most visitors at the Tashkent Zoo in Uzbekistan the day started out like any other, however, what they soon were to experience would stick in their memory for some time. As seen on CCTV footage that was released, a woman was holding her 3-year-old daughter over the railings at the viewing point of a brown bear enclosure. While that in itself was dangerous what happened next had shocked not only those there to witness it but the entire world. The woman then proceeded to drop her child into a trench about 16 feet below and into the bear’s den.

Bear’s Reaction

As the woman was holding her child over the railing Zuzu, a male Caucasian Brown Bear was watching her and as soon as the girl fell down into his enclosure, he slowly stood up and went down to the trench and towards the girl. According to reports from various news sites, Zuzu only sniffed the girl before walking back as zookeepers entered the enclosure and tried to get his attention and keep him to one side.

Child’s Injuries After The Fall

When the zookeepers lured Zuzu into an enclosed part of the area that he calls home, they rushed to help the child, who thankfully didn’t suffer any serious injuries despite falling from such a height. Speaking with reporters, a spokesperson for the zoo revealed that she was taken to hospital and treated for a concussion as well as cuts to her head and bruising from her fall, adding that there was not a single trace of wounds from the bear's fangs or claws on her. Local news outlets have reported that the girl is in hospital, and while she is in light shock, her state is normal though she has remained under constant observation.

Zoo Accident In Tashkent

What Are You Doing?

The spokesperson for the zoo had also revealed that while both visitors and staff were trying to stop the woman as she was holding her child over the railing they failed and so far her motives for her actions are unknown. Local media have reported that the mother was detained by police and could face a criminal case for attempted murder. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the harrowing crime. Though it would not be the first time that there were other accidents at zoos that featured children. It has not been reported what the fate of the bear has been, but given that no harm came to the child and Zuzu did not hurt it, most likely it will be left in the zoo.

Elephant Charges At Father & Daughter At Zoo

There have also been reports of a father endangering his own life as well as that of his child after they broke the rules and went into an animal pen at the San Diego Zoo. The man who is now facing child endangerment charges took his toddler into the elephant pen so that they could take a photo with it. In a video taken by onlookers, the man was seen standing with his back to the elephants, seemingly posing for a photo while onlookers watch in disbelief before one of the male animals charged at them. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

Bear’s Reaction

One Of The Most Famous Zoo Incidents

When thinking of moments like that, when a child ends up in danger by somehow finding their way into an animal enclosure one of the most famous cases of the past few years is the case of Harambe the gorilla from Cinncinatti zoo. In 2016, a three-year-old child fell into the gorilla enclosure at the park and things turned bad when one of the animals started dragging him around with the mother kept calling “Mommy’s right here! Mommy loves you!”. The entire encounter was caught on video which later was watched by millions of people as it made international headlines. Why? Because fearing that the boy’s life was in danger, a zoo worker killed the gorilla named Harambe with a single shot. In the end, the boy escaped without serious injury but the death of the animal has sparked a worldwide debate about safety in zoos as well as animal welfare and if resulting to such a force was necessary.

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Child’s Injuries After The Fall
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