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Doctors Told Panda Boy's Parents He Won't Survive & To Abandon Him. See What He Looks Like Now!

Finding out that there is something wrong with a child is undoubtedly one of the hardest moments for most parents. Especially if they’re told it is unknown how long the child will live. There are times when hospitals try to help and offer help just as it has been in the case of a little boy from Armenia. The parents of an adorable baby boy born with birthmarks on 80 percent of his body were told they could leave him in hospital if they didn't want him. Of course, they choose not to and have since then proved the doctors wrong. Who exactly is the little panda boy? What exactly is his condition? And are all health dangers behind him now? Read on to find out his story.

Panda Boy’s Birth

The little boy is Artyom Aristakesyan and he was born with nevus birthmarks of patches of raised, dark-colored skin. This has led him to be nicknamed the “Panda Boy”. His parents Mariam Petrosyan and father Taron from Yerevan, Armenia, had revealed that they had no idea of the condition their third child was suffering from until the moment that he was born. In an interview, his mother had revealed that they were very shocked, as were the doctors as they had never seen nevus marks like Artyom’s before. However, soon after the parents would also get some bad news. Read on to find out more.

Parent’s Told They Can Abandon Him

On top of his marks, doctors soon realized that the boy had spina bifida and right away they had taken him for a 90-minute surgery to correct his spine. As the mother recalled, it took five days of recovery for the newborn child before they could see him again. At the same time doctors also sat down with Mariam and Taron and told them that if they didn’t want to take the boy home with them, they could abandon him at the hospital. During the conversation and parents of the three were told that their son had not opened his eyes yet and chances were that he might never do so due to the nevus marks being in the eye area. Plus doctors weren’t sure how long he would live for.

Parent’s Making A Life-Changing Decision

But of course, the parents did not listen to the doctors and when they eventually walked into Artyom’s ward and when Taron called the child’s name he stirred and opened his eyes and that was the moment they knew that they had made the right decision. His two older brothers, Narek and Artur, who are three and two respectively, had asked their parents why their little brother “had chocolate dabbed on his face” when they first saw him. But since then, the older brother had done nothing other than protecting their youngest siblings. But is the boy’s life still in danger? Read on to find out.

The Danger To Artyom’s Life Is Still There

Though despite going home with his parents the little boy wasn’t totally in the clear where his health and well-being were concerned. As it turned out, he even had the nevus marks on his brain and they caused occasional seizures. On top of that, the parents revealed that the marks could also turn to be cancerous as he gets older, though, despite all this, they do not doubt they made the right decision in not abandoning their son.

Can The Nevus Marks Be Removed?

The question that the family had asked themselves and had others ask was could those marks be removed. According to experts, most birthmarks can be removed or at least be made less noticeable. However, when it comes to Artyom’s marks it is difficult to removed larger nevus marks. That might be because they would require several cuts, stitches, or even skin replacement, which can result in a lot of scarring. And given that 80% of the boy's body is covered in those scars, it is not something the family has attempted and it is not known if they will.

People’s Reactions To Panda Boy

The mother had revealed that when people see her son out and about they are shocked and stare, But she added that it is something she understands and added, “some people smile at him. Someone also told me he was a gift from God.” The mother of three started an Instagram account where she shares pictures of the little panda boy. To her social media is important as it has helped others who may have marks similar to the little boy feel less alone. It has allowed the family to share their story with others and connect with people. On top of this, they are showing the world that people like Artyom are unique and beautiful.

Panda Boy Now

Right now, little Artyom has turned two and is like any other little boy his age. While doctors did not give him high chances of survival and told his parents they can abandon him if they want to, he has proved everything right. Taking the necessary medications has helped reduce the seizures that he has suffered from and the spine surgery has allowed the boy to walk and move around as he pleases.

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