Published 2022-02-10
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Woman Raped In The Metaverse. What Did Facebook Do After The Virtual Attack?

The Metaverse Incident

Nina Jane Patel, is a psychotherapist who conducts research on the Metaverse. According to a statement that she had given to the Independent, most recently she was assaulted in the virtual world. Allegedly, within 60 seconds of joining, she was verbally and sexually assaulted by 3-4 male avatars, with male voices. She went on to say that they virtually and intimately assaulted her Metaverse character and they took photos of the event. The woman recalled as she tried to get away they yelled, “Don’t pretend you don’t love it” and “Go rub yourself off to the photo”.

The Metaverse Incident

Reaction To The Attack Felt Like Real Life

Speaking with the press to try and get her concerns about the platform’s safety features, the 43-year-old mother had said that it was a terrible experience, adding that both her physiological and psychological reactions were pretty similar to the ones displayed had this happened in real life. That is because as she further went on to explain, virtual reality has been designed in such a way that the mind and body can’t differentiate the digital experiences from the real. When asked about the safety features available on the platform, she had replied that it all had happened so fast that she did not even have a chance to think about using the “safety barrier”. However, her negative experiences did not end there. Read on to find out what happened next.

Reaction To The Attack Felt Like Real Life
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