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Mormon Bedroom Rules -The Most Extreme Regulations & Loopholes!

When looking at the rules of different religions, there are many that prohibit their followers from having sex before marriage. And here Mormons are no exception to the rule. Though according to a former Mormon on TikTok, young people who belong to this faith want to experiment, and at times they give in to their needs without committing “sin” or breaking the rules that they follow upon which they were raised. But they have found ways to get around it and one way they call “soaking”. What exactly is it? And does it really get around the loopholes? Read on to find out!

What Is Soaking?

According to what former members of the faith have said on their social media, soaking involves “a boy putting his penis inside the girl and then staying absolutely still”. That is because any thrusting would result in the action being sex and they see the lack of movement as not counting. The user who shared it all on TikTok did reveal that it most likely sounds like she is making it up but added that is something that very much happens at the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, every day. But what other rules are there? Read on until the end to find out.

The Mormons

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is known as the Mormon Church, is also a part of Christianity that has its own rules and regulations, which come from both the Bible and its own book known as The Book of Mormon. Young members of the religion often look forward to their 16th birthday and it’s not because they can go and get a driver's license but because it is the age during which they can start dating. Though due to the rules of the church, it has to be a member of the opposite sex and many families prefer for the person to also be a Mormon. The church recommends group dating in order to avoid the young pairs being alone. In fact, members of the faith often get married very young. But there are many other rules that they have to follow and that is what we’re going to look at now.

Tattoos are forbidden

Getting some ink on your body is becoming more and more accepted everywhere, though of course there are exceptions. The Mormons are one of them since tattoos are completely prohibited. Though when it comes to piercing, only women are allowed to have them and only one hole in each ear. But what about new members? While some had said that they would not turn someone away from the church if they already had some, in the past there were reports of people being told that they are required to have them laser removed so that their body is once again “pure”.

Oral Sex Is Prohibited

One of the principles of this religion indicates that sex can only be practiced exclusively for procreation and that any other sexual practice is impure. Although it is worth pointing out that this is not something that applies only to people who are single, but also to people who are married. Those that are yet to tie the knot, they must abstain from sex completely.

No pornography or masturbation

When it comes to other things that involve sex, there are of course many other rules. Pornography is completely forbidden in Mormon culture. Though when it comes to adult content it is not just referring to videos but also writings, photos, and even conversations of an erotic nature or ones that could be relating to sexuality. Masturbation is also forbidden as it is considered a perversion to the human body, and from an early age, the children are taught to not fall into the temptation of self-pleasure.


So seeing all those rules, it is no surprise that young Mormon teens, especially ones that are alone for the first time at university, want to experiment. This, as we mentioned at the beginning, has led to the creation of soaking. Yet it is worth noting that when a couple lays still, they do so to not feel any pleasure. However, there is also a loophole around that so make sure to read on until the end to find out what that is.


The Guilt Of Intimate Contact

A former Mormon had spoken with BuzzFeed about how the young members of the religion are taught that sexual sin is compared to being on the same level of sin as murder. This has led to many teenagers and young adults feeling a lot of shame and guilt for having any sort of sexual thought, even ones that most people would see as being totally innocent. The ex-member of the LDS church had said that from a very young age the idea that sexual purity is very important is instilled in them.


Mormon sexual techniques

Though despite that, young adults still want to have fun and at times give in to their urges. But given that soaking involves laying still to avoid pleasure, they have come up with some other way to ensure that it feels good but is not caused by the couple and therefore free from any religious guilt. It involves the couple that is ‘soaking’ to ask a friend to jump on the bed, of course, which in turn will make the pair move without doing anything themselves, in a way having sex that they see as a loophole.


The Law of Chastity

As you may have already seen in this article, Mormons are known for having statutes and very high moral standards that are not shared with some of the other branches of Christianity. And one of the most well-known ones is the Law of Chastity. According to reports, the law renounces sexual activity outside of the bonds of marriage. And the purpose for tying the knot is to have children and create a family which helps God to carry out his Plan of Salvation.

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