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A Millionaire Wants To Adopt An Adult & Make Him A Prince! But There Is A Big Catch!

Watching movies, or even observing royal families from across the globe, some people surely are thinking: “Wouldn’t this be nice?” Well, what if we told you that you might not necessarily marry or be born into a royal family to receive a royal title? What if in order to do that you might just have to look after an elderly man and upon his death receive his money and title? Well, this is what had happened in the case of a 27-year-old named Kevin…oh sorry, Prince Kevin von Anhalt. And all thanks to Zsa Zsa Gabor's widower, Prince Frédéric. But what exactly happened? Does either man actually have any claim to a royal title? And what are the young man's plans for the future? Read on to find out and maybe in the future, you could hold a royal title too.

Who Is Prince Frédéric?

Before we actually delve more into how Prince Kevin got his title, let’s talk about his adoptive father. The 78-year-old was not born into royalty either and in fact, when he came into this world in Germany, he was named Hans Robert Lichtenberg. His family didn’t have any royalties either, not much is known about his mother but his father had worked as a police officer in their native country. Growing up, Hans trained to be a baker and worked in market stalls, later on operating several sauna clubs. Things changed in 1980 when he was 36-years-old and was adopted by Marie-Auguste of Anhalt who at the time was in her 80s and whose husband was the son of former German Emperor Wilhelm II. Did this grant him the official title of a prince? Read on to find out.

Prince Frédéric’s Title Explained

After the adult adoption was finalized Lichtenberg’s name became "Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt". Here the word “Prinz” which means prince, is part of a legal surname in Germany and NOT a princely title. Though despite not having any claim to a royal or aristocratic heritage the man still styled himself as "Prince Frédéric of Anhalt, Duke of Saxony and Westphalia, Count of Ascania".

The Reason For The Adoption

The reason for this adoption differ. Some had reported that the man claimed to have been a close friend of her childhood friend of Marie Auguste’s only biological child and that the grieving mother adopted him out of kindness. Though British press reports suggest that allegedly the woman was bankrupt and the adoption was a business transaction and nothing more. That would have been very similar to what he did. But what exactly happened? Read on to find out.

Prince Frédéric and Zsa Zsa Gabor

In 1984 Prinz von Anhalt moved to the United States where he became a socialite and lived what many have described as having been a flamboyant lifestyle. And that is where he met Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor who was 26 years his senior. The Hollywood star, known for movies such as Moulin Rouge and Queen of Outer Space, was his seventh wife, as he was previously married and divorced six times, on one occasion receiving a settlement of $4 million. As for Gabor, it was her eighth legal marriage and what would become her longest one. Speaking about their time together Anhalt said in an interview, “We didn’t marry for love. It was a friendship, but when you’re with someone over a certain time you fall in love.”

Gabor’s Inheritance

Since the Hollywood actress passed away in December 2016, her younger husband had inherited her Bel Air mansion and all of her assets as the sole remaining heir. Their relationship caused strife between the man and her Zsa Zsa’s daughter Francesca Hilton. So much that according to his claims, the woman stole her mother’s will while Gabor was hospitalized, however, due to the fact that she passed away in 2015, it did not interfere with Anhalt’s acquisition of her assets. But now, how does he plan to make sure that those assets are taken care of after his passing? Read on to find out.

Adopting An Adult

As it was rumored that the reason Marie-Auguste adopted him was that it was a business transaction, in a way his decision to do the same could be classed as one too. Frédéric legally adopted an adult man called Kevin Feucht to be his heir, inherit his $70 million fortune, and help him when he becomes sick and feeble. Though it wasn’t a decision he made on a whim, he knew the 27-year-old for seven years before he made the decision. Though when speaking with the New York Post he revealed that he made a tool out of his title. As he said in the interivew, “I would like to adopt somebody and give him the tool. In America, it works. People want to know who you are and that is how they judge you.”

Who Is Prince Kevin?

Feucht who is a UC Santa Barbara graduate is a founder of a company called Skillers, which is a sport-tech company in Munich, Germany, motivating kids to play soccer and support their road to a pro career. The reason he was the one chosen to look after the elderly man and later inherit his assets was that he is nice, intelligent, clean, and works hard. Prince Kevin helps to keep von Anhalt in shape, cooks for him, drives him in his Mercedes G Wagon, helps him with his computer, and has even lowered some of his monthly bills. The 27-year-olds parents are very much aware of their arrangement and are very supportive, despite the fact the young man’s new birth certificate now lists Prince Frédéric as his father. But why was there trouble surrounding the decision? Read on to find out.

Just Business?

As it turns out, Kevin isn’t the first adult that Frédéric has adopted. In the past, he had admitted to selling 68 knighthoods for $50,0000 each and adopting five ‘sons’ for up to $2 million each, though they have since been disinherited. Though this time, he is insisting that there was no transaction between the two of them. The younger man spoke with the post and said, “I would not call this a deal. I stayed at Frédéric's apartment and helped him. There was no money involved and that was how we kept it. I have my own money. But sometimes, when I go out, he'll give me $500 so I can buy dinner. Beverly Hills is expensive!” Though it does not mean that everything is set in stone here! Most recently Prinz spoke with TMZ and said that Kevin has to keep performing at a high level if he wants his inheritance and title. Speaking with reporters he said that if the 27-year-old is bad, he will just get another one because he can adopt as much as he wants.

Kevin’s Plans For A Legacy

But despite the fact that his future as a prince and in acquiring the inheritance is still in a way under a question mark, he already had plans for the future. But if you’re thinking he plans to spend it on parties, mansions, and other luxurious things you would be wrong. In an interview, he has revealed that he plans to do everything he needs to keep up the legacy of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Some of the ideas that he has are either building a statue of the Hungarian-born actress or making a movie. He said that Frederic wants him to keep the money in the family and to make it useful but to NOT spend it on material things. He said there are a lot of name rights in the trust and if he wants to make a movie about Gabor, that is what he will need. So it seems that from his plans right now, Kevin has good plans on how to spend money.

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