Published 2022-02-15
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Shock As Man Brings Cockroach To A Vet!

If there is one thing that most people will know about cockroaches is that the insect will probably be the only being able to survive in the face of an atomic catastrophe. Though of course instead of being met with amazement, they are met with disgust and not a good reputation. And chances are if most people had seen them in their home they would be calling for an exterminator, all because it is an insect that mainly appears to be associated with dirt and trash. However, do some people think the complete opposite of them? And did one person actually take a roach to a vet? Read on to find out!

Not Everyone Hates Roaches

Though as we mentioned, not everyone gets repulsed by these animals and one of those examples would be a Thai citizen. According to reports that had appeared on social media, the person came across an injured cockroach in the street that had been trampled by someone else. Without thinking twice, he took the insect and took it to a vet in an attempt to save its life.

Vet Staffs Reaction

We know that at this point many of you are wondering if the veterinary staff had accepted the dying insect and whether they decided to use up their resources on it. But as it turns out, they did not deny access to animal healthcare, and neither did they discriminate against the grieving man and his quest to save the life of the cockroach. But that’s not all, they did not only accept him, the vet that was in charge, Thanu Limpapattanawanich, did so for free.

Vets Response

As if the fact that a man took a cockroach to the vet wasn’t enough to make the story go viral, the reaction of the vet most certainly did. The man later took to his own personal social media and spoke out on the story, giving his reason for doing what he did. He revealed that compassion for life is what makes us human and that it is what we need most in these dark times for humanity. In his own words, he said: “At that moment, a kind man passed by and saw it, so he rushed it to the emergency veterinary hospital. The chances of survival are now 50%.”

Was It A Hoax?

Of course, many people thought this story was too absurd to have been real and thought that it was a joke. However, the professional dedicated strong messages to the skeptics saying that the anecdote was 100% real, and he made it clear that what happened had contained a valuable lesson. Furthermore, he wrote: “This indicates compassion and mercy towards every creature. Every life is precious... I wish there were more people like this in the world... Kindness supports the world.”

How Did He Help The Insect?

The animal medical professional also took the opportunity to emphasize that he had never treated a cockroach before in the entire history of his professional practice. However, in such a situation it was a challenge he could not refuse. Though all that he could do in reality was place the roach in a kind of oxygenated incubator to increase its chances of surviving.

Did The Cockroach Survive?

Despite all the jokes and not-so-nice comments that had appeared on the vet's profile and all over social media in light of the story, many had commented that it was still very encouraging for those involved that this compassionate action has touched the heartstrings of some internet users. They had pointed out the great empathy of the veterinarian and showed their gratitude to the man who decided to assist the trampled and injured insect. As for the condition of the cockroach, it was revealed that after the care that it had received, it was able to recover.

Cockroach Facts

As we mentioned at the beginning, although many people in the world may spend large amounts of money to exterminate cockroaches, studies have shown that there are more than five thousand species of insect. And of those only 30 are likely to be pests. In some parts in the world they are even considered to be food and they are ecologically important because they feed on decaying organic matter and, consequently, they process nutrients that other organisms rely on. According to George Beccalono, an expert on orthopteran insects at the Natural History Museum in London, the indications that the ecological importance of these insects is enormous.

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