Published 2022-02-21
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Missing 6-Year-Old Found After 2 Years! She Was Kept Under The Stairs Like Harry Potter!

Investigation Into Her Being Missing

Speaking with CNN, Sinagra talked about how over the past several years they had several tip-offs that the child was inside Shultis Sr.’s house in Saugerties, upstate New York. Each time authorities had come to investigate, both Sr. and Jr. had denied any knowledge about the little girl’s whereabouts. At times they had allowed them into the house so that they could search for the child. However, according to the officer’s comments, several times they were not allowed in the bedroom areas or in the basement.

Investigation Into Her Being Missing

Obtaining A Search Warrant

Though given that there was no factual basis for the tip-offs it was difficult for the officers to obtain a warrant to search the property. Though that was until February 2022 that they had finally gathered enough factual information which had, in turn, helped them secure a search warrant, according to reports from CNN. On the day that they had found the girl, uniformed officers had been stationed outside of the house to ensure that no one would leave or enter before police could execute their warrant. But what exactly did they find? Read on to find out.

Obtaining A Search Warrant
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