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Kylie Jenner Stuck To Her Angel Number Even Giving Birth! Does Everybody Have It?

Have you ever noticed repeating number sequences in your everyday life? Such as the time being 3.33 pm or maybe buying something at the store and your total being $3.33? Or maybe you keep hearing about these Angel numbers online and are confused by the idea. Well, this is what that phrase refers to and according to numerology, each set of numbers has a meaning. There are also celebrities that believe in the significance of the numbers such as Kylie Jenner who most recently has had even more reason to believe in it. What was the coincidence between Jenner and the number 2222? What are the meanings behind these numbers? And what does the date 2/22/22 signify? Read on to find out.

What Are Angel Numbers?

What Are Angel Numbers?

Before we continue, let’s get a little more into what exactly are these angel numbers. According to what numerology has to say about them, they are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance. Celebrity aura reader Meghan Michaela Firester, who more commonly goes by Mystic Michaela, spoke about the numbers and said that angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, which means that seeing something over and over again might be a sign and go beyond a mere coincidence. And of course, one of these ways is through numbers. But just what exactly could they mean? Read on to find out.

Angel Numbers and Numerology

According to various texts on the topic, these numbers work in accordance with the tenets of numerology, which uphold the idea that each number is connected to certain vibrational energy which holds a meaning that is more than just its numeric value. Speaking more on how often the numbers show up, Mystic Michaela says that repeatedly seeing them along the path you’re on mean that your angel is pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard. It is their way of trying to get your attention and these numbers have meanings.

Angel Numbers and Numerology

Meanings Of Angel Numbers

But what exactly do these numbers mean? Starting with the number 1, it is a powerful digit for manifestation which is why people often make a wish when they see 11:11 on a clock. So, when you see a sequence of 1’s be sure to focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to manifest. Number 2 can be seen as a reminder to be present and enjoy the moment and to trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life. 3 is seen as a sign from the angels to bring more balance into your life, and many claim it would be a perfect opportunity to start that workout routine or the vision board you have been putting off. If you are going through a struggle, the number 4 is a sign that you are being guided and your pleas for a sign are being heard. So while things might be tough, you are not alone. Seeing a sequence of 5’s could mean that change is coming and it is a sign to be open to more positive attitudes. While the number 666 has often been seen as the “devil’s number” in this case it could mean that the angels are giving you a reality check and that you need to focus on your goals again. Number 7 is a sign that you need to relax and let go of your fears for the future. Repeatedly seeing 8’s? It could mean that financial abundance is coming your way and it's the universe's way of letting you know you’re successful. If you’ve been working on something for a long while seeing 9’s often could mean that your project is going to work out. Knowing this, does the date 2/22/22 signify anything? Find out on the next page.

Meanings Of Angel Numbers

2/22/22 - Why Is It Special?

Of course with all this talk of angel numbers the date 2/22/22 comes into mind. The date of February 22nd, 2022 is special because it has two rare things. It is both a palindrome and an ambigram. If you remove the slashes from the date it can be read the same way backward and forwards, making it a palindrome. It is called an ambigram as well because it would be the same upside down. On top of this, the rare date falls on a Tuesday which many had said was special because it won’t appear again in our lifetimes. Some had also called it a mirror day as the date can be read as “Twosday”.

2/22/22 - Angel Numbers Meaning

This means that the date also has a significant meaning with regards to the date. The number 2 symbolizes harmony, kinship, love, relationship, and cooperation. 22 which is known as the Master Builder brings insight, talent, courage, intelligence, power, and charisma. 222 is associated with personal creativity and it governs the energy of the sun, symbolizing positive thoughts, clarity, and spiritual growth. And as for 2222, it represents harmony and serenity in life. Combined together, all the energies of these numbers signify duality, harmony, tranquility, insight, creativity, and personal mastery. And whether you believe in angel numbers or not there are some celebrities who most certainly do. Read on to find out more.

Kylie Jenner & Angel Numbers

As spirituality has become more mainstream in recent years, so have angel numbers and it seems that even the top celebrities have got their own ones. And this is where Kylie Jenner comes in. Many fans had pointed out that the reality star has been wearing a 222 number. And while some were wondering the meaning, in a recent appearance on the Ellen Show, Kris Jenner has let spill. Speaking with the presenter she had revealed that 222 has always been Kylie’s angel number and that the necklace that she wore was a gift from a friend about 5 years ago.

Kylie Jenner 2/2/22 Special Day

And while that might have been her Angel number the date holds a more special meaning for the Kylie Cosmetics founder. And that is because on 2/2/22 she had given birth to her second child, a baby boy, Wolf Webster. Fans had first noticed Kylie’s necklace in September 2021 “73 Questions” Vogue video, and after the reality star’s announcement that her son was born some had begun speculating if the jewelry was a hint at the due date. However, as you can tell, Kris has most recently put those speculations to rest.

Fans Noticed It Right Away

While Kylie didn’t reveal her son’s name right away, the fact he was born on an angel number date was not lost to fans who began speculating what his name could be. And many were convinced it would be Angel. That was intensified even more when her sister Kim, had dropped an angel emoji in the comments section, and the fact that Kris had commented on it “Angel Pie”. Though now fans know that his name is Wolf.

Even Kris Thought It Was Odd

While fans made the aforementioned connection with the necklace, which turned out to be wrong, Kris revealed that even she thought it was weird. Speaking with Ellen, after revealing that Kylie had the jewelry for a long time, the momager had pointed out that she was in fact wearing it while giving birth and it seemed like an odd coincidence to her.

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