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Youth Pastor Under Fire! Been Dating His 18-Year-Old Wife Since She Was 14!

At times there are stories that go viral on social media that make some people grab their heads in disbelief at what they are reading. And one of the most recent stories to go viral has had many react the same way. It features a youth pastor who makes Christian YouTube content. The man went viral but it was not due to one of his videos but rather the fact that people online had found a post from November 2020 in which he wished his wife a happy 18th birthday. And why was that so outrageous? Because she was his girlfriend of four years. Who exactly are the people involved? How did they meet? And just why were so many people outraged? Read on until the very end to find out.

Internet Users Spot The Red Flags

Given that the man is a youth pastor, who works with teenagers, this has caused many to point out plenty of red flags. Especially as the man had been close to his partner way before she was of age. The couple that is from Germany had not tried to hide their relationship over the years. Now some of you might think that this would be against the law, but that might not actually be true. Why not? Read on to find out.

Internet Users Spot The Red Flags

Who Is The Viral Youth Pastor?

The man in question is called Joshua Wesely. He runs a Christian-themed YouTube channel that has around 14,000 subscribers. While he had never revealed his age on his social media, Reddit users with connections to his family, have revealed that he is 24-years-old as his family had revealed that he was born in 1998. According to reports from Sports Keeda, he is also the director and actor in his 2021 film about the pandemic titled “2025- The World Enslaved By Virus”. It explores a dystopian future where everyone continues to wear masks because of covid. But that is not all, as per his Instagram bio he is also the Vice President of the Lifelong app, a platform that claims to help people find “the chance for a happy ending in your own love story”.

Who Is His Fiance & How They Met

Not much is known about his wife beside the fact that her name is Isabelle. Through their Instagram posts, it is evident that the pair had known each other at least four years prior to the woman turning 18. So since she was 14 and it is worth pointing out that at the time Josh would have been 19. And while it could have just been friendship like he wrote in one of his posts, his past posts such as one for their “3rd anniversary”, seem to suggest otherwise. And all this had led the man to be accused of grooming. But what exactly started the entire situation on social media? Read on to find out.

Eyebrow Rising Birthday Wishes

The youth pastor and his wife had gone viral on social media after some internet users had posted a screenshot of a post he made in 2020. In it, he shared a photo of himself and his then-girlfriend which read: “Finally 18. I can’t describe with words what you mean to me and what kind of person you are. You’ve been my best friend for four years, you are my girlfriend that I love, appreciate, respect, and admire more than anything.”

Together For A Long Time

Given the fact that the man had written about being friends for four years, some internet users had suggested that the young girl was being groomed during all that time. However, that might not be the case as the man’s Instagram posts prior to this one had proved that they had been dating all this time since she was 14. Prior to making his Instagram private, internet sleuths had found a post from February 2020, nine months before Isabelle’s 18th birthday, which celebrated their 3-year-anniversary.

From Coming Of Age To Marriage

According to the posts on the couple's Instagram, it wasn’t long after Isabelle turned 18 that Josh had decided to propose to her, and less than a year later, in August 2021 the pair had tied the knot. However seeing that the man is a youth pastor, someone who spends a lot of time with teenagers, the fact the two got engaged and married so quickly after Isabelle had turned 18 was a cause of concern for many internet users.

Who Is The Viral Youth Pastor?

Accusations Of Grooming

As soon as the post went viral, internet users had a lot to say about the pair's relationship. Given the age gap between them, and the fact that the two were dating since she was 14 and he was 19, many had claimed that Isabelle was groomed by her husband and others had accused the man of being a pedophile. Especially seeing how quickly the two of them had tied the knot. The two had not publically commented on the matter and since the story had gone viral, they had made their Instagram accounts private. But could it be that the two of them had actually not done anything wrong in the eyes of the law? Read on to find out.

Their Relationship Is Not Illegal?

While many were quick to hurl accusations at the man, it is worth pointing out that according to German law, he did nothing wrong. Why that might be? Simply because the age of consent in the country is 14. Though it is worth pointing out that it is as long as a person over the age of 21 does not exploit a 14-15-year-old person’s lack of capacity for sexual self-determination. However, police action would be taken should a minor complain about the older individual. Many had also wondered what the pair’s families had to say to their relationship and at the moment that is not known as either had publically spoken out about this.

Who Is His Fiance & How They Met

Ages Of Consent

While that has shocked many people, the fact the pair’s relationship in the eyes of the law was legal, and also why they didn’t hide it, it is also worth pointing out that Germany is not alone in this. Several countries in Europe have their age of consent starting as low as 14. Some have additional laws, which state the other person cannot be over the age of 18. As for the lowest age of consent in the world, that would be in Angola and the Philippines and it is 12-years-old. However, over the years in many countries, there have been talks about such rules and whether something should be changed to protect minors.

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Eyebrow Rising Birthday Wishes
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