Published 2022-02-24
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Youth Pastor Under Fire! Been Dating His 18-Year-Old Wife Since She Was 14!

Who Is The Viral Youth Pastor?

The man in question is called Joshua Wesely. He runs a Christian-themed YouTube channel that has around 14,000 subscribers. While he had never revealed his age on his social media, Reddit users with connections to his family, have revealed that he is 24-years-old as his family had revealed that he was born in 1998. According to reports from Sports Keeda, he is also the director and actor in his 2021 film about the pandemic titled “2025- The World Enslaved By Virus”. It explores a dystopian future where everyone continues to wear masks because of covid. But that is not all, as per his Instagram bio he is also the Vice President of the Lifelong app, a platform that claims to help people find “the chance for a happy ending in your own love story”.

Who Is His Fiance & How They Met

Not much is known about his wife beside the fact that her name is Isabelle. Through their Instagram posts, it is evident that the pair had known each other at least four years prior to the woman turning 18. So since she was 14 and it is worth pointing out that at the time Josh would have been 19. And while it could have just been friendship like he wrote in one of his posts, his past posts such as one for their “3rd anniversary”, seem to suggest otherwise. And all this had led the man to be accused of grooming. But what exactly started the entire situation on social media? Read on to find out.

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