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Haunted House Proved To Be More Dangerous Than Imagined. The Police Were Called To The Scene!

When it comes to paranormal phenomena or investigation at times there are moments where something happens that baffles everyone involved. Even more when the event takes place at a place that is known for having a bloody past and an alleged lot of paranormal activity. And today’s story is based on such place and event. It was November 7th, 2014, when a visitor to the Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, who has been identified as Robert Steven Laursen Jr, headed to the place with a group of friends for some “paranormal investigation for fun”. However, things got out of hand not long after, when he was found with a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest. But what exactly happened? Just what is the story of the house? Read on until the very end to find out the entire story.

A Popular Tourist Attraction

This house is a well-known haunted place among paranormal investigators. In fact, many of them had recognized it as one of the most haunted places in the United States. All because of the macabre events that happened there to a family in the 1912s who were found with their skulls were crushed while they slept in their beds. To this day, the crime remains unsolved and former visitors to the house report emotional, physical, and supernatural disturbances on their nightly walks.

Spending A Night At The Murder House

If you are interested in this macabre house the entrance will cost you quite a bit. Exactly $428.00 (including tax) which is the cost for a group of people of 1-6 people and then it’s $75 per extra person. This price will allow the people to spend a night at the murder house and while that may sound unbelievable, it is the amount that people are willing to pay for a chance of a paranormal encounter. Due to the alarming number of such experiences recorded in the house, it has become one of the most visited places by ghost hunters, who would bring the tape recorders, EMF readers, spirit boxes and some of the more daring ones had even brought Ouija boards.

Visitor Attacked In The House

As revealed by Montgomery County Sheriff Joe Sampson, the accident occurred when the victim was all alone in the northwest room while the rest of his friends were outside. Suddenly he had called for help on their two-way radios and after going to check on him, they had found Robert with what appeared to have been a self-inflicted stab wound on his chest. Without hesitation, they had called 911. According to police reports on the accident, this all occurred around 12:45 am, which was the recorded approximate time that the murders of Josiah and Sarah Moore occurred in 1912, along with their four children and two friends. The murder that occurred at the house has remained one of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

The story behind the famous Axe Murder House

It was the evening of June 9th, 1912. Josiah Moore and his wife, accompanied by their three sons and daughter, had attended an evening church service. When they returned home they were accompanied by two friends of their daughter who were invited to spend the night with them. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until the next morning, until 7 a.m the next day when neighbors had noticed that the house was unusually quiet. The strangest thing was that they had found the doors locked and all the windows covered. The neighbor who stumbled upon this had immediately called Moore’s brother, who came with a spare key and went inside. There he was met with his family members bloodied and lifeless each in their respective beds.

The Chilling Crime

The news of what happened had quickly spread and local officials had lost control of the crime scene as at the time it was estimated that 100 people arrived to gawk at the mutilated bodies. In those days fingerprinting had yet to become a widely established tool of criminal investigation in the US and so the number of people in the house prevented detectives from collecting sufficient evidence for a conclusive investigation. Gouge marks across bedrooms ceilings from the upswing of an ax was telling for the police with regards to the killer’s height. But they were in the center of the room, not above their beds, and it made them think that the killer was whirlwind the ax in a one-hand frenzy.

Discovering The Bodies

The bodies of Lena and Ina Stillinger, the two friends of Moore’s daughter, were discovered in the downstairs bedroom. On the bottom of 12-year-old Lena’s bed officers had found a kerosene lamp which they had observed was possibly used to project light onto her body which was laying in a sexual position with her underwear missing, blood covering her legs, and defensive wounds across her arms. As a result of this, police believed she was a victim of sexual abuse, as well as being the only member of the house who had attempted to fight off the attacker.

Could Have Been Easily Solved Today

With today’s technology and investigative techniques, the murders could have been solved quite easily. At the time there was plenty of suspicions and finger-pointing involved which divided the town into feverish hysteria. Historians today have identified three possibilities for the killers: a serial killer with ties to other similar murders, a traveling preacher with a history of sexual misconduct, and a state senator who was thought to have hired a drug-addled hitman to kill Moore. However, no one was ever convicted. Because of the mystery, across the years a number of books and documentaries have chronicled the crime and the paranormal investigations of the house. Several individuals have claimed to have seen a man with an ax roaming the hallways or have heard the desperate cries of children in their bedrooms.

Playground For Paranormal Investigators

According to the chief of local police, the first paranormal investigators visited the house in 1999 and declared that it was haunted adding that they would identify the killer. Prior to that, those who had visited were interested in the place simply because it was a well-preserved document of the past as the house is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The chief added that it is a shame that people aren’t interested in the true history or the place but simply visit it because they want to get scared at something they thought they saw or heard. With the exception of the self-inflicted stab wound incident, Sampson had said that being on the local force since ‘92 he’s never been called out to the house for emergencies in the past and refers to Villisca as “your basic, small-town, Iowa farming community”.

Aftermath Of The Laursen Accident

Ever since the accident that took place with the amateur paranormal investigators the town has drawn a lot of attention and both Sampson, and Linn, the caretaker of the house, say they have been swamped with media inquiries which to them was tiring. When asked about what happened to the man they revealed that he recovered from his injuries but out of respect for him and his family they will not say more. A documentarian who focused on the house in one of his works had commented that there is a lot of folklore surrounding the Moore murders and while it is fascinating in itself, it is important to remember that it is just folklore and not fact.

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