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Breast Cancer Vaccine. Finally Hope For Humanity?

When it comes to diseases such as cancer when it comes to women, breast cancer is one of the most common forms of it, besides cervical cancers. However, according to the World Health Organization, it is undoubtedly one of the most harmful as it is usually discovered while already in its advanced stages. Though it is worth pointing out that there are advances in health technology that researchers hope will make it possible to prevent the disease altogether. Specialists at the Mayo Clinic have already developed a potential vaccine that would be key in the treatment of this type of cancer. One Florida woman has already received a dose of the vaccines, the first person to do so. What do we know about this development? Could it change the future of those affected by the disease? Read on to find out.

Mercker’s Vaccine

The trial had lasted 12 weeks, and to begin with, three injections were administered in both arms, and then later, two weeks after, another four were given. The Florida woman who was first given the vaccine is named Lee Mercker. She was constantly monitored and underwent several clinical studies. In the end, they then concluded that she had favorable results with regards to her immune system, where the elimination of the tumor was concerned.

Still Received A Mastectomy

Despite the results being successful the patient did not want to take any chances and the risk that came with not undergoing a mastectomy. So in order to ensure her health she underwent a double mastectomy to ensure cancer would not develop further in her body. The specialists are continuing with various tests on her breast tissue to continue perfecting the vaccine, although its objective is not only to combat breast cancer in people who already have it but also to prevent it in women in the future.

Check Up’s Are Important

Undoubtedly this is a breakthrough for medicine dedicated to finding a cure for cancer as a whole, as well as being hope for those who are already suffering from the disease. Though it is crucial to have regular check-ups, because as many medical professionals have stated, a diagnosis at an early stage can save the life of a person with this disease and can even prevent it from spreading throughout the body. There have also been advances in Spain where researchers at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital published a paper in which they talk about having discovered a therapeutic protein with antitumor activity.

Discovery of a protein with antitumor activity

The aforementioned hospital has managed to discover that an MYC inhibitor protein, Omomyc, is capable of slowing the progression of metastatic breast cancer. The studies are being led by Peptomyc and one of the authors of the paper, Daniel Massó, who not long ago had a paper published in the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Just How Effective Is It

Massó stated in his paper that “the response has been very positive and in all cases, it has been possible to prove that Omomyc has significant anti-metastatic activity, contrary to what had been speculated”. The statement has also been supported by Laura Soucek, the director of Translational and Pre-Clinical Research and head of VHIO’s Anti-Tumor Therapy Modeling Group. She had supported his research by confirming that it has shown that Omomyc was effective in controlling many primary tumors and that now, in addition, they had also seen that it is an effective drug in blocking invasion, establishment, and growth of metastases in breast cancer.

What is Omomyc?

All this talk of Omomyc most likely has many wondering what exactly is it. Well according to reports by researchers it is an effective drug that is used in the growth of metastases in breast cancers. However, it has been known for decades that oncology research has highlighted the fact that the MYC gene has offered great help in the development of all solid tumors. Though this situation changed when Soucek decided to investigate this issue and promote Omomyc.

Is It Being Used?

But let’s talk more about the protein. Its function is that it can inhibit the MYC gene and after many studies, it is already being put into practice. Last year, clinical trials had begun including human patients at the VHIO to see just how effective this is going to be in the long run.

Omomyc Against Breast Cancer

In vitro tests have proved efficacy in all tumors types, however for the time being the researcher is being focused on breast cancer, a disease that is in urgent need of new therapeutic solutions and taking the lives of thousands across the entire world.

Hope For People

While nothing is 100% certain right now, this does offer a lot of hope to patients suffering from breast cancer, as well as any other kind of cancer. However, it is worth pointing out that it is unknown whether there will be any long-term lasting effects of Omomyc. In order to find out, the databases of patients are being analyzed, where it has been proven that those suffering from breast cancer presented overexpression of the genes blocked by Omomyc who had lower survival. However, Massó stated that "this makes us optimistic that if these patients were treated with our drug, we might be able to improve their survival".

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