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Fatima Apparition - Holy Mary Prophecized Russia's War As A Sign Of The Apocalypse?

Everyone in the world is talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it had some people start discussing the Fatima apparitions. And all because according to the children that Mary had appeared to, one of the prophecies was directly aimed at Russia. Exactly she had requested for Russia to consecrate to her Immaculate Heart and emphasized that only then when the country would convert, would there be lasting peace. But what exactly was said? And what were the third secret and the Angel with a fiery sword? Read on to find out more about the prophecies.

What Was The Fatima Apparition?

For those who may not know the story about what happened in Fatima then we will quickly give you a rundown. From May to October 1917, on the outskirts of the Portuguese town of Fatima, the Holy Mary had appeared to three village children. Those were Lucia do Santos, and her cousins Jacinta Marto and Francisco Marto. Shortly after the final apparition, the Portuguese siblings died due to a flu epidemic, and not long after that Mary’s message began to be spread around the world by Lucia who would later become a nun. But what did those messages say? Read on to find out.

Appearing To The Children

The Holy Mary had appeared to the children on the 13th day of each month. On the 3rd month she did so, she commissioned them to convey her concerns to humanity. Those concerns were caused by godlessness and the demoralization of people. Mary had warned that if they did not repent, a terrible punishment would follow. And as it turns out, one of her apparitions was with direct regard to Russia.

What Did It Say About Russia?

According to what the children had later told people, Mary had told them that “the moment has come in which God is asking the Holy Father, together with all the bishops of the world, to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, this promising to save her.” Later on, she added that should the country convert, there will be peace, and if not, it will spread its errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecution of the Holy Church. As a result, the Holy Father will suffer and many nations will be destroyed. And in light of the current world events, this has had many talking. But would else could this lead to? Read on to find out.

Lucia’s Please Remained Unheard

While the children were tasked with spreading the message their requests were ignored by the then Pope Pius XI, later Pius XII, and John Paul II. Although the latter would take an interest in the Portuguese woman after he came to the conclusion that the coincidence of the dates of the assassination attempt on his life and the first apparitions of Fatima is not accidental and he believed that his life was saved by the Holy Mary. After he left the hospital, John Paul II communicated that he understood that the only way to avoid war and to save the world from atheism, was to convert Russia according to the Fatima message.

John Paul II Fulfills Her Wishes

The fact that the former pope had believed her was confirmed by Sister Lucia in a letter addressed to him that was dated May 12th, 1982. It read, “If they accept my demands, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her erroneous teachings throughout the world, etc." Two years later, on May 25th, John Paul II, in a spiritual union with all the bishops around the world, had entrusted the world and Russia to Mary, which had greatly pleased the only remaining child of the Fatima apparitions. At the time she had also stressed that JPII’s actions may have saved the world from nuclear war.

John Paul II Revealed The Third Secret

It wasn’t until 2000 that the world learned about This Secret of Fatima, 56 years after Sister Lucia wrote it down. At the time of the publication the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had talked more about the text and explained that it had the character of a prophetic vision. The message directed to the people of the world was as follows: “The angel with the fiery sword standing to the left of Our Lady recalls similar images from the Apocalypse. It represents the threat of judgment hanging over the world. The thought that the world could burn in a sea of fire no longer appears to be a figment of imagination: man himself, through his inventions, has prepared for himself a fiery sword.”

People Explained It All

After it was made public, the former Pope explained that humans should be ready to lay down their most sacred bonds on the altar of petty national, racial, ideological, group, or individual selfishness. He further on went to add that the Blessed Mother had come down from Heaven, and “offered herself to implant in the hearts of those who entrust themselves to her the love of God burning in her heart.”

Moscow Bishop Speaks Out About The Prophecy

After the death of Sister Lucia in 2005, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewi, Ordinary of the Diocese of Our Lady of Moscow had sent a message of condolences to the Bishop in Fatima, and in it he said that those promises of peace given by Sister Lucia had a special significance in the difficult history of 20th century Russia. The promise of the future conversion of Russia had given hope to many and strengthened their prayers. He talked about having met Sister Lucia on three occasions, at a time that important changes were taking place in his country, which resulted in them regaining religious freedom. He also added that upon seeing a bishop who came from Moscow, Sister Lucia could not believe her eyes and that she exclaimed “The message of the Madonna is finally being fulfilled.”

Recent Events Cause Doubts

However, seeing the most recent events, some are doubting the prophecy and that despite Russia having its religious freedom and being consecrated to the Holy Mother, a war has still broken out, and there has not been true peace in the times since. Others had taken this as a continuation of the prophecy, Third Secret, which foretold the apocalyptic image of the Angel with a fiery sword. Some now believe that this is foretelling of the apocalypse to come.

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