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Vladimir Putin Is Not Russian? His Alleged Mother 96 Year Old Vera Putina Tells All?

The name Vladimir Putin has not left people’s lips in the past week. Everyone is talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the effects it had not only on the country and its people of whom, according to reports, over 600,0000 have fled into neighboring countries, but also the economic impacts this will have on the world. And of course, many had wondered what had happened in the life of Putin that had made him the man that he is today? What kind of childhood did he have? Who were his parents according to the man himself? And could it be that his real mother is still alive? Read on to find out who is Vera Putina that claims to be Vladimir's biological mother.

AnnaLynne McCord Poem For Putin

In the past week there had been many things with regards to the war in Ukraine that had outraged people and one of the first, on February 24th, came from AnnaLynne McCord, who was the star of the 2008 teen drama 90210. On that day she had shared a video to her Twitter in which she is reading a poem in which she said, among other things: “Dear President Vladimir Putin. I’m so sorry I was not your mother. If I was your mother you would’ve been so loved, held in the arms of joyous life. (...) Perhaps you would hold dear human life and on this night instead of Mother Russia you would call me and I would set your mind quite free with the love only a mother can give, and only a mother can take away.” And as you can imagine, internet users did not take kindly to this. How did McCord defend herself and who was Putin’s actual mother? Read on to find out.

Criticism Of If I Was Putin’s Mother Poem

Of course, given the situation that was unfolding, many had called the poem and video “very tone-deaf”. Some had compared it to the start of the pandemic when celebrities had filmed themselves in their houses singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and many had also called this ‘typical white woman savior complex behavior’. In an interview with Buzzfeed McCord had explained that she felt moved to share the poem after waking up in anguish over the children of war, adding that she feels for the children who grow into adults and become people who do historically horrifying things because she understands the early life trauma. In a 2017 TED Talk, she had revealed that she herself was raised in a trailer park and became independent from her parents at 15, also alluding to other traumatic experiences.

Who Were Putin’s Parents?

But speaking of mothers and Putin. Who exactly were his parents? Back in 2000, the Russian president did an interview with New York Times during which he opened up about his childhood and family life. Born in 1952, he was the son of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, an official in the Soviet Navy, and Maria Ivanova Putina, a factory worker. He was their third child, after the death of their first two sons. In 1932 his parents had moved to Saint Petersburg as a newly married couple and his father not long after was drafted into the submarine fleet of the Russian army and had completed his service before WW2 broke out. Though once that happened he was sent to the front where he ended up being severely injured and ended up with a lifelong limp due to his wars. But what about his mother? Read on.

Putin’s Mother Maria Ivanova

As for his mother, according to reports, Maria was “half-dead” from starvation and struggle due to blockades in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad. The pair had managed to survive through the hardships and eventually welcomed their son Vladimir when they were in their 40s. In the NYT interview, Putin had described his mother as a very nice, kind, selfless person with the soul of goodness. He further went on to add that she was not a very educated woman and he wasn’t even sure if she had finished the five grades of school. Though he noted she worked hard her entire life, as a janitor, taking deliveries in bakeries at night, and washed test tubes in a laboratory.

What Happened To His Parents?

Not much information is out there about his parents for whatever reason that might be yet according to information available his parents had died in the late 1990s, before the turn of the millennium, both from cancer. However, since that moment, there had been other reports about another woman that has claimed to be Putin’s biological mother and according to some who had studied her history, the timeline adds up. But what is that about? Who exactly is Vera Putina and could her story be true? Read on to find out.

Who Is Vera Putina?

It was 1999 when the now 96-year-old Putina saw the Russian leader on television and since then she had been convinced that he was her estranged son. Vera Putina lives hand to mouth in rural Georgia. According to a report that the Telegraph did on the woman back in 2008 when Russia invaded the country, the tiny woman had gnarled workers' hands and as the reporter noted, only her “strong cheekbones and deep-set piercing blue eyes are suggestive of who she claims she is”. Speaking with the reporters at the time she had said: “I used to be proud of having a son who became President of Russia. Since the war I am ashamed”.

Could Vera Be Telling The Truth?

Vera’s story had been backed up by other residents in Metekhi where Putina claimed she lived with her son when he was aged two and a half and ten before he was sent to live with his grandparents in Ochyor, Russia. As it turns out, the records of a town closest to the village indicated that there was a Vladimir Putin that was registered at Metekhi school between 1959-1960, and the nationality was stated as Georgian. But just what happened that he was sent to live away and who was his father? Read on to find out.

Putin’s Alleged Early Years

According to Vera, the father of her son whom she nicknamed Vova, was a Russian mechanic. She met him when she was a student at technical school but when she found out that her lover had a wife, she returned to her family home. Later she married a Georgian soldier who allegedly treated little Vova badly. According to an extract from a book by a Polish author Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich titled ‘Wowa, Wołodia, Władimir’ (Vova, Volodya, Vladimir), Putina would often defend her son but Gieorgij beat him with a belt and there was a time that Vova was locked in the house in the extreme cold and due to the fact that walls were thin he could be heard screaming.

How Putin Ended Up In Russia

As we mentioned before, young Vladimir had found himself in Russia aged 10 when he was allegedly sent to live with his grandparents. The reason for this was that the family had lived in extreme poverty and so when Vera became pregnant again and gave birth to her husband’s daughter, Gieorgij had forced her to send Vova away. According to reports, once he made it to Russia, his grandparents had found the boy a family who adopted him and that family was a childless Putin couple. Of course, these reports were taken with a pinch of salt. The Kremlin had vigorously denied them, and the 2008 Telegraph article, in light of the Russian invasion in Georgia, had some questioning whether the story could have been some part of propaganda. As for what happened to Vera since is unknown. If the woman is still alive today, she would be 96-years-old and there have been no reports of her death.

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