Published 2022-03-04
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Family Found Dead Bodies In The Walls Of Their Dream House.

In 2011 the Bretzius family had fulfilled their dream and had finally found the perfect house that suited their needs. And so without a second thought, the family had decided to purchase it. The huge property was located in Auburn, Pennsylvania and it is almost a century old. Of course, prior to the Bretzius family acquiring it, it passed through the hands of many other tenants and as a result of this the family ended up finding some nasty surprises. What exactly happened? What did the family find and how did they react? Read on to find out about how the family had discovered one of the least desirable things in the wall.

Renovations On The New Property

After moving in, Katja Bretzuis and her husband had decided to do some renovations on their property. One of their main ideas was to give some more space and insulation to their son’s bedroom. However, soon enough they would be in from a nauseating and horrifying surprise as a foul stench permeated the entire house. Mold started growing and made the family sick, though thankfully not all of them had health problems as a result of it. But why was that happening? Read on to find out.

Family’s Disbelief

When they went to investigate, the family could not believe what they had seen with their very own eyes. Their walls were full of objects, spices, and other objects that had made for a nasty surprise for Katja. Almost immediately after seeing the horrible surprise, the family was disgusted at the person who sold them the property. However, this was nothing compared to what they would find later.

Dead Animals Behind Walls!

Behind the layers of walls the family had discovered dozens of dead animals carcasses that were carefully wrapped in newspapers dating from the 1930s to the 1940s. Among the panels, they could also find other strange items embedded in the walls such as containers of different herbs and spices that had never been used before. What was the reason behind all this? Read on to find out.

Trying To Fix The House

The family had spent around $20,000 trying to fix the house, but this was of course not an expanse covered by the insurance company. As a result of this the clean-up after the horror behind the walls had left the family almost bankrupt because after having made such a seemingly great investment in the purchase, they did not expect such an expense.

Trying To Find Out What Happened

Naturally, it's not a common thing to find such items as well as dead animals in your walls so the woman, wanting to get to the bottom of this, had contacted an expert in occult matters to decipher the reason as to why these items were where they were. The person in question had told her that perhaps one of the past owners of the house probably practiced something that at times has been called Dutch magic a process to cure ailments, though more commonly it is known as “pow-wowing”.

House Might Be Demolished

Even months after the entire ordeal the Pennsylvanian family still could not be sure that all the animals have been properly removed from the house but in order to find out if there were more or if there were any other occult artifacts hidden in the walls, they would have to demolish the property. Prior to all this the family also had plans to excavate the land though after going through what they had gone through, it is not known if they are still willing to do so in case they were to endure another shocking discovery.

Animals In Black Magic

When it comes to animals, sacrificing them is often associated with satanic rites. And despite such things being illegal in many countries, there are still parts of the world, where in secret someone, somewhere still continues with this. And on top of this, there are also many superstitions surrounding animals and the occult. A prime example of that is black cats. Some people believe that if a black cat runs in front of you it means bad luck. This is also why black cats are at times the last to get adopted from shelters and some people even go as far as to kill black cats for those very reasons.

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