Published 2022-03-14
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One Of The Most Awaited Weddings Of Britney Spears & Sam Asghari! What Do We Know?

Britney Spears has been through a lot, especially in the last several months when it came to the battle to get her out from under her conservatorship. And it seems that now, the 40-year-old singer and her fiance Sam Asghari, are in the process of hiring a family law attorney to draw up a prenuptial agreement. Was her father Jamie, who was her conservator, the reason the two have waited until now to make this move? According to the statement by Britney’s lawyer Spears seniors involvement as her conservator would have hindered the ability to negotiate and consummate a contract that would have been in the singer's best interest. But while that is all behind her, what can we expect from her? Do we know anything about her wedding plans? Read on to find out.

Her Father Would Have Hindered Them

According to the document filed prior to the singer being freed from her conservatorship it stated, "Ms. Spears and the undersigned counsel are in the process of retaining a family law attorney to draft a prenuptial agreement. The prenuptial agreement process will require communication and cooperation from the conservator of her estate but, as noted above and well established in the record, given that Ms. Spears' relationship with that conservator (her father) is severed, Mr. Spears' continued involvement would impede Ms. Spears' ability to negotiate and consummate a contract that all can agree upon in the best interest of all parties. Mr. Spears' continued involvement would impede the ability to negotiate and consummate a contract that everyone can agree is in Ms. Spears' best interest."

Not All Were Happy At The News?

To the delight of the fans of the Pop Princess, Britney and Sam announced their engagement on September 12th, 2021. Five years after they began their relationship. Many of their friends and fans congratulated the couple, although obviously there were also many comments from concerned fans. One such concern even came from actress Octavia Spencer, who suggested that Britney get a prenuptial agreement. However, Spencer later apologized for the comment, although not out of line, since after all Britney has been through, she definitely has to have her back covered.

Sam Spoke Out About The Concern

Sam who is an actor and fitness trainer took to his Instagram story at the time to address fan concerns about the financial aspect of his upcoming marriage. "Thanks to everyone who is worried about the prenup!" he wrote. "Of course, we are getting an ironclad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case Britney leaves me someday." Sam has undoubtedly supported Spears through the messiest and most painful part of her life, which was dealing with her own family.

Close Ones Already Knew About The Decision

Already prior to the singer being free from her conservatorship a source close to the couple revealed to ET that the pair were ready to take the next step in their relationship, but were waiting for Britney's guardianship to end. "They are ready to embrace the next chapter and love each other without boundaries or feeling like they are tied down. Naturally, an engagement is a next step". At the time it was noted the couple was waiting for the right time to take that step since Birtney was not even able to control her own body herself, especially including the fact if she wanted to have children or not, which the source noted was rather annoying as the pair had allegedly planned to start their own family.

Britney’s Looking For A Wedding Dress?

Of course, now that the singer is free from the conservatorship the couple can plan what their life together will look like, which will include the wedding. So what do we know about it already? On one Instagram post that showed selfies of the singer wearing a pastel pink tulle ballgown fans went crazy thinking that the soon-to-be bride had chosen her wedding gown. Though she was quick to clear those rumors up and in doing so had given her fans a sneak peek by writing: “No … this is not my wedding dress. Donatella Versace is making my dress as we speak.”

They Already Got Married?

While not much is known about when the couple will tie the knot, some fans had speculated that it had already happened. Why? Because to mark the singer’s 40th birthday Sam wrote: “I call you Lioness because I admire your relentless strength, I’m inspired by your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile that lights up my world. Every day is your birthday my queen. Happy 1st birthday to my wife.” And obviously, it was the use of the word that had once again sent fans into a frenzy. However, that seemed to just be fans reading too much into it as most fans reckon that when that day comes, Brit will surely let them know on social media.

Possible Wedding Locations

Of course, it is nothing new that people who have as much money as Spears can splash out on their special day. And so it seems one of the problems the couple has had is deciding where the wedding will take place. When the two went on a holiday to French Polynesia last year they admitted that they were struggling with that. In a video, Brit said “We have no idea where we want to get married. We don't know if we want to get married in Italy, Greece, Australia, or New York City.” To this Sam replied with why doesn’t she ask the fans, later commenting with a bunch of US flag emojis. Wherever the pair choose to get married, fans are convinced that this will be a wonderful date.

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