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Published 2022-03-18
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Influencer Had So Many Plastic Surgeries She Lost Count! Next One Could End Her Life?

As time and history have proven having too much plastic surgery can at times backfire on a person. Either with the way that people treat them or on their health. And when it comes to the famous influencer Mary Magdalene, it seems that both of those things had come true. While people online react in horror to her images, just how has this affected her health? What kind of work did she have done? And does she see herself as a man? Read on to find out all about this influencer.

Who Is Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is a 25-year-old online model that hails from Canada. Not much is known about her early life but from the age of 17, when she had worked as a nightclub staff member, she had craved physical improvements. She first had work done on her when she was 21-year-old. Since then, she has been building her following on platforms such as OnlyFans, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. But just how much has she changed? Read on.

Rise To Fame

The woman had first gained popularity four years ago when she nearly died on the operating table. The surgery that she was undergoing at the time was supposed to leave her with the "world’s fattest vagina". Unfortunately, there were complications during the procedure and the influencer had to have two blood transfusions. The risks associated with the invasive procedure did not stop her enthusiasm as she is still keen on undergoing further surgeries.

Most Recent Procedures

On her Instagram profile, the influencer regularly brags about the effects of subsequent treatments. She is also considered to have the biggest breasts. Recently she showed her fans the result of the fourth nose surgery. She dreamt of making it look "like Barbie's". Mary Magdalene also performed a procedure to give her eyes a cat-like shape. She admitted that she is delighted with her new look.

How Many Procedures Did She Have Done?

The question most people want answers to is just how many procedures did the woman has done. Well as it turns out there were so many that she has lost count. Over the years they had included a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose, and boob jobs, veneers, liposuctions, butt injections, and three Brazilian butt lifts, as well as the aforementioned vagina surgery. In one of her most viral videos, she had shown off a t-shirt in which she had most of her procedures listed on it.

She Wants To Be A Man?

In an Instagram Q&A, the 25-year-old has revealed that she identified as a gay man named Sebastian Pickles. Explaining she said that while she was born a woman, she had always felt like a flamboyantly gay man and so she identifies as a man. However, in most of her Instagram posts, she has been referring to herself as she/her and using her name Mary M, while occasionally adding Pickle to it as well so it is not known whether this is how she still identifies. But that has not been the most shocking thing about her.

Kicked Off Social Media?

As you can imagine, her social media presence had gained her a plethora of followers which included having more than 1 million followers on TikTok before the platform had deleted her account for violating the site’s content guidelines. Since then she had moved over to OnlyFans where she performs. On top of this Mary also has an Instagram art account where she showcases and sells colorful self-portraits, and other pieces of art she creates.

She’d Rather Die Than Stop Her Surgeries?

Of course, with so many surgeries there are also health risks but she has no plans of stopping. Despite most recently undergoing some procedures she already has the next ones lined up which include jaw surgery and a lip augmentation which she claims will complete her face. Though the news has started going around that doctors in the United States have been refusing to do any more work on Mary Magdalene which had forced her to go and do the rest of her procedures in Russia and Turkey. She has openly admitted that she does not intend to stop improving her beauty and will continue to undergo these modifications until she dies.

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