Published 2022-03-24
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People Think Vladimir Putin Is The New Adolf Hitler. Are There Any Similarities?

Political Bluffing In Face Of War?

Some historians had pointed out that where both men are concerned, they did not openly say that they were going to start a war. After all, Putin and his propaganda government are still keeping up the guise of this being a “peacekeeping mission” which aims to “de-nazify” Ukraine. Though for now let us go back to March 1935 when Hitler, who was preparing to destroy the peace system, addressed the West from the parliamentary rostrum. In his speech, he went on to say, “National Socialist Germany does not want a war because it understands very well: in any war, the blossom of the nation perishes…We are not planning on conquering other nations at all. Germany needs peace, it wants it!” Now let’s look back at March 2014 when Putin had addressed the people of Ukraine after annexing the Crimean peninsula, “Dear friends, do not believe those who frighten you with Russia. Those who shout that it will be the turn of other regions after Crimea. Russia does not want the division of Ukraine, we do not need it.”

Attempt At Peace Treaties

It is also worth noting that both men had, as experts called it, tried to or successfully tricked countries into “renewing peace treaties”. In the case of the Fuhrer, it was with regards to Austria and Czechoslovakia, where under the threat of force he would make the local governments accept the German terms of peace which involved promising not to violate the neighbors’ sovereignty. Vladimir had done a similar thing in 2014 when the Russian Federation tried to impose a similar peace proposal on Kyiv after invading Crimea. Their terms were that in exchange for a new peace agreement Ukraine would become a federation, let the peninsula go, declare eternal neutrality, recognize the Russian language as the state language, and not interfere in church affairs. Even now, in light of the 2022 war, Putin’s government has been making such demands. Once again those insist on neutrality, allowing Russia to “finish” the demilitarisation of Ukraine, and for Kyiv to recognize the breakaway regions as independent and once more, the loss of Crimea.

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