Published 2022-04-06
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Model Faces Backlash For Looking Like BlackPink's Rosé. Her Life Is In Danger?!

Rosé’s Influencer Look-Alike!

The influencer in question is a Los Angeles-based model Allissa Shin who has been on the receiving end of negative comments due to her resemblance to Rosé since 2020. But there is a specific reason why this had started. Speaking with a publication titled Next Shark, Allissa had explained how growing up she was bullied for her race which had led her to try and fit in and that resulted in her being ashamed of being Korean and surrounding herself with people of other racial groups.

Trying To Connect With Other Koreans

It was in high school that Shin ended up meeting a friend who made her realize that she should get more in touch with her ethnicity. And so, she ended up joining a Facebook group which was called Subtle Asian Traits, which in the interview she had described as an online community where Asians can find topics they relate to. After she did as advised, her friend recommended her another group, a spin-off from SAT called Subtle Asian Dating. And this is where everything kicked off. But to find out just how that happened, stay with us until the very end.

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