Published 2022-04-08
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Scientists Successfully Grow Back Frog Legs! Humans Are Next?

Research On Frogs

Researchers from Tufts and Harvard Universities had managed to successfully regenerate a leg in a frog. As we mentioned previously, adult frogs do not have this ability but scientists were able to make it happen by using five different drugs that were administered topically with a specially created applicator. According to their reports, it only took one day to administer the drugs to the stump of the lost limb which then triggered a regeneration process which as they noted took a year and a half to be fully completed. Once that was done, the limb was fully functional.

Research On Frogs

How Exactly Was This Achieved?

When starting the process of their experiment they had covered the stumps of the amputated legs with a specially created container. The researchers involved in the study had called it the BioDome. It had contained a silk protein gel and it was in that substance that the five different drugs were dissolved in with the hopes of successful limb regeneration. But it is worth noting that the drugs used weren’t just a random mix that happened to work but each of them was used for a different effect. What was it? Read on to find out.

How Exactly Was This Achieved?
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