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TikTok Teens Father Killed Stalker Who Came To Their House. It's All Happening Again?

Last year the 15-year-old teen from Flordia, Ava Majury who boasts a 1,2 million on TikTok was dealing with a rather horrifying situation as a stalker had found where she lives and came to her house with a gun. In defense, her own father had killed the stalker however most recently the teen has been in court where she testified against another person she has accused of stalking and harassing her online. Could it be that history is going to repeat itself? And why do Ava and her parents not see anything wrong with her still having a strong online presence? Read on until the very end to find out what had happened!

Starting Out On TikTok

In 2020 when Ava started out on TikTok she was only 13 years old. For the most part, her videos are most known for dancing and lip-syncing which was one of the earliest popular formats of videos on the app. According to a report by The Times, within a year the teen had gained a million followers, 75% of whom were men.

Growing Her Platform

In an interview, the teen revealed that she would make about $1000 for a single promotional video on her account. As her TikTok took off, she moved to Instagram where she had amassed over 320,000 followers. Though for the time being it does not look like she has been making any sponsored posts and thus not making any money from the platform. However, soon she would realize just how dangerous having such a big following could be.

First Contact With The Stalker

As the family’s legal advisor would reveal to Insider months after the terrifying ordeal took place, it wasn’t all out of the blue. In early 2021, the teen TikTok had received that a person that went by the username EricJustin111 was messaging her on Snapchat and on Instagram. Seeing nothing wrong with this, as many fans would message the girl, it was revealed that she would occasionally reply to him, without obviously knowing anything with regards to who that was. But that decision would soon turn out to have been a wrong one. Read on to find out what happened.

Ava Would Soon Experience Harassment

In February 2022, the girl and her family had put a statement on her Instagram which explained a few things about what had gone down last year. It revealed that after she began replying to the man, he soon started ‘harassing; her online. After a few months, she had sent him 2 to 3 Snapchat photos for $5 each in the hopes that it would get him off her back. But soon enough he had asked the girl for explicit images after which she had decided to block him.

The Stalker Had Come To Her House

But then, on July 10th last year the man that had since been identified as 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin, had decided to take things to another level. As it was reported by the police, as well as the family at a later date, Justin had flown from his home in Elliot City, Maryland, to the teen’s Flordia address with a shotgun. While at the time the police did not disclose many details, a later report for The Times, which was released in February 2022, had explained that the man arrived at the family’s home in Naples, Florida, and blew open the front door. As it was stated at the time, his intentions were to harm the girl however, at that moment his weapon had jammed. That was when her father, Rob Majury, who is a retired police lieutenant, decided to jump into action. He chased the 18-year-old off their property, though he did not get far as he fell over. But he wouldn’t have to wait long for another chance to face off with Eric.

Rob Faced Off With The Attacker

Her father decided to wait near the front door as he had a feeling that the attacker would come back. And he was right because that is exactly what happened. When the 18-year-old had returned, Mr. Majury had stepped out and defended his own daughter and property, he shot and killed him. Speaking about that moment in interviews at a later date, the man revealed that he does not regret making the decision that he did as he was only protecting his family.

Father WIll Serve Jail Time?

At the time the news broke out and many were curious as to whether Rob would face any legal consequences for his actions, however, he was not prosecuted for shooting Justin as his actions were deemed to fall under Florida’s “Stand your ground” legislation. This was passed in 2005 and it states that a person is justified in using or threatening to use deadly force if they reasonably believe that it is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to themselves or another person. A similar law, that at times has been called a Castle Doctrine, has been passed in at least 22 states though it does remain controversial. However, in the case of the Majury family, most internet users had argued that Rob had every single right to defend himself and his family.

History Repeats Itself?

After the entire ordeal, Ava’s parents had pulled her out of school and as it turned out there were concerns about a second person stalking her. According to media reports, she was concerned about a second person who around the time of the shooting was in contact with her assailant. In December 2021, the girl told her parents that he was watching and following her and she said that she grew fearful of the unnamed juvenile when he posted a video to his Snapchat of him shooting a gun at a shooting range. And it was that clip that made her parents pull her out of school. The Majury family then filed a petition in Collier County Court seeking an injunction against stalking. As per Fox News, Majury testified she believed the individual was on speaking terms with Justin prior to his death. She said she sometimes asked the second individual to send her information about Justin. She added that he had sent her screenshots of his conversations with Justin, one of which contained a grape emoji in a message from Justin reading "I want to [emoji] her bro." She said the emoji is sometimes used by young people to mean "rape." As of the writing of this article, it was revealed that the parents don’t plan on taking any further legal action against the individual.

Won’t Leave Social Media?

Though besides the threat to the girl's life, when the story had come out, there was something else that had enraged people. That was the fact that despite the danger her online social media presence had put her in, she had no plans whatsoever to remove herself from being in the public eye in such away. Prior to the most recent case, her parents said that they saw nothing wrong with her continuing to post on social media as she can be a role model for a clean and positive use of social media, and most recently she spoke out on that herself. Speaking with Insider the teen revealed that she is staying online and telling her story so that young people and their parents are aware of the dangers of social media. She then went on to say she could never imagine such things happening and urged everyone to report any threat or signal of violence and not wait until it’ll be too late.

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