Published 2022-04-15
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Jesus Did Not Die On The Cross? He Lived Out His Life And Was Buried In Japan?

How Did Jesus End Up In Japan?

According to the beliefs of those who claimed Jesus was buried in Japan, the son of God had an interest in the Asian country from a young age. As per a report in the Smithsonian magazine, the story told that Jesus had first gone to Japan at the age of 21 in order to study theology. This was supposed to have taken place during his lost years’ which was a 12-year gap that was unaccounted for in the New Testament. Once in Japan, he allegedly became a disciple himself to a great master ner Mount Fuji before traveling back to Judea. Then here the story seemingly joins back with the biblical version but with one shocking twist. There indeed was a man that was crucified but that was not Jesus but his “kid brother” Isukiri.

How Did Jesus Live Out The Rest Of His Days?

The Japanese Jesus then relocated to Shingo after crossing from Siberia to Alaska, which would have taken him several years. According to a report on the story by the Independent, he had then settled in the village where he was known as Daitenku Taro Jurai. He married a farmer’s daughter called Miyuko and the two had three daughters. For the rest of his life, which ended at 106, he worked as a rice and garlic farmer.

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