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Published 2022-04-15
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Jesus' Diet - Not Just Bread And Wine But Also Insects!

How was bread made in Jesus' day?

Grain was ground by hand with a tool called a quern, and olive oil, salt, or honey were also added to the dough for baking. The bread was baked in small clay ovens where the dough was placed directly on glowing charcoal. It is interesting to note that such baking places are still used in the Middle East today. And returning to the ancient bread, the analysis of historians shows that it differed significantly from modern bread. It was darker and heavier, and its shape did not resemble the loaves we all know, but a thin pancake or matzah. It was eaten immediately after baking because it got stale quickly, and to make it even softer the baked product was dipped in water, wine, vinegar, or oil, which made it easier to chew. It was usually served with whole olives or legumes like lentils, or it was also used as a spoon to make eating other foods easier.

Jesus ate bugs?!

Quite common menu items of those times were cheese, dates, nuts, locally grown fruits, and vegetables, and based on the Bible, it was found that Jesus also often ate fish. Several of his disciples were fishermen by trade, so thanks to them the catch landed on the table in the form of fresh, as well as dried or smoked. Even grasshoppers and crickets were served as snacks, and all these foods provided a diet without excess fat or cholesterol. But did Jesus eat meat? According to the Bible, yes, and it came mainly from lambs, goats, or sheep. However, it was not a staple of the daily diet of the people of that time, but only a treat is eaten once in a while, which, according to researchers, was mainly due to the lack of refrigerators and places where meat could stay fresh longer.

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