Published 2022-04-15
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Surprising Easter Traditions - Egg-Laying Bunnies And Other Religious Traditions!

World’s Biggest Easter Egg

So you already know what the most expensive Easter egg looked like, and now we will tell you about the biggest one yet. Because this one was created in Italy in 2011, it was all made of milk chocolate and was over 10 meters high, and weighed more than 7 tons. So it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant. And lest it is that only Easter eggs break records, a few years later a chocolate Easter bunny was also created. It measured over 4 meters and was made by confectioners from Brazil, earning it an entry in the Guinness Book.

Eggs And Easter

And while we're on the subject of Easter bunnies, it's worth finding out how they appeared in the tradition of this holiday at all, and on top of that, possessed the ability to lay eggs. Let's start with the fact that the Bible in no passage mentions a creature with long ears and a fluffy tail, which on Easter Sunday tosses eggs to good children. Nevertheless, the Easter bunny has become one of the most popular symbols of the most important Christian holiday. So where did it come from? Well, it comes from the pagan Germanic tradition, where it was believed to be the companion of the goddess Eostre, and also a sign of fertility. It symbolized new life and the coming spring and was credited with the ability to lay eggs. As Christianity began to spread in Europe pagan beliefs mixed with Catholic ones and the bunny became part of Easter celebrations. His fame came from Europe to America, thanks to immigrants, and it was accepted that every Easter Sunday a nest had to be built for him to leave his eggs in. It also received a gift in the form of a carrot, much like Santa Claus gets cookies at Christmas.

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