Published 2022-04-19
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Crop Circle Phenomena - The Alien Theory The Only Believable One?

A Simple Explanation?

About 50 years ago, according to a document by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries the area was designated as “experimental forestry” and one of them saw researchers planting trees in 10-degree radial increments to form 10 concentric circles. The original plan called for the trees to be harvested in 5 years, but given the new interest, officials are considering saving the circular forest. But what about other crop circles? How far do they date back? Read on to find out.

Early Records Of Crop Circles

While many associate crop circles with recent years, as it turns out there have been reports of them for centuries. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the earliest evidence is woodcutting from 1678 that depicted a field of oat stalks that were laid out in a circle. While there was no accompanying description, many believe that it was a first-hand eyewitness account of a crop circle, though some historical investigations seem to prove otherwise.

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