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Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44b! Users Are Already Leaving The Platform.

Twitter is a social media platform that has been around since 2006. While it has had its ups and downs, it became a way for people to find out news in real-time as other users tweeted, or for fans to get close to their favorite stars and at times even interact with them. But there had been times when people's past posts and opinions had gotten them in trouble be it leading to a celebrity being canceled or some internet users taking it upon themselves to cancel someone by sharing their offensive posts with people's schools or employers. Though could it be that now with Elon Musk purchasing the company for a billion-dollar sum, all this could change and for the worse? How much did Musk pay for the company? And do we know what changes he plans on making? Read on to find out all the details.

Elon Musk’s Plans To Buy Twitter

For nearly two weeks people had been carefully watching the media and waiting to find out what would be the outcome of Elon Musk’s plans to buy out Twitter. The billionaire had previously commented on the fact that according to him the site had tremendous potential that he planned on unlocking. At first, the company had declined Musk’s bid though later they had voted to approve the deal.

Elon Musk’s Plans To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk Buys Out Twitter

Despite all the uncertainty, the 11-member board of Twitter had unanimously agreed to accept the Tesla owner's $44 billion offer. The co-founder of the platform, Jack Dorsey, who also sits on the board, had commented on this saying that he is happy that Twitter will continue to serve the public conversation. Though he also stated that he does not believe that anyone should own or run Twitter. In a tweet on his own profile, he said: “It wants to be a public good at a protocol level, not a company. Solving the problem of it being a company, however, Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

Concerns About Free Speech

Once the news of the deal was made public many users, as well as human rights groups, had raised concerns about hate speech on the platform. They had stated that this would give Musk power, who is a self-described “free speech absolutist”. As per media reports, he had previously been vocal in his criticism of Twitter’s policies on moderating content, arguing that they need to be a genuine forum for free speech. Commenting on the deal in a thread about it all, Amnesty International said: “We are concerned with any steps that Twitter might take to erode enforcement of the policies and mechanisms designed to protect users. The last thing we need is a Twitter that wilfully turns a blind eye to violent and abusive speech against users, particularly those most disproportionately impacted, including women, non-binary persons, and others.”

Elon Musk Buys Out Twitter

Could Trump Come Back?

As you might remember Donald Trump’s account was terminated on the platform in 2021 in the wake of the January 6th riots at the Capitol building in Washington. Many users had believed that it was the right decision to ban him from the site, citing that he often instigated hate speech. And given Elon’s free-speech campaign, many have been worried that the former U.S President would make a comeback. Though according to media reports that might not be the case. Speaking with Fox News, Trump had said that even if the ban will be reversed he does not plan on making a return instead choosing to use his own platform Truth Social. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a technology analyst, has commented that possibly if Donald wanted to run for the 2024 presidential election then he might return though for now, that is unknown.

Concerns About Free Speech

Musk’s Problems On Twitter

The new owner of Twitter, who has more than 80 million followers on the platform, has a controversial history there himself. Back in 2018, US financial regulators accused him of misleading investors of Tesla with his posts that were resolved in a $40 million settlement and which the owner of the company denies to this day. And the following year in 2019 his tweets on social media had landed him a defamation suit, which he defeated. But why was he hit with one? Because he called one of the divers involved in rescuing schoolboys in Thailand “pedo guy” on the platform.

Users Leaving Twitter?

With many people already being skeptical of this movie on the part of the creators of Twitter, many had already threatened to leave as part of a boycott and some had already made that decision. The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil had commented that she expects the platform to “become even more lawless, hateful, xenophobic, bigoted, misogynistic space” and so she had already made the move to had post her last tweet on the platform.

Musk’s Plans To Change The Site

As part of this takeover, which is expected to be finalized later this year, the billionaire plans to make the company shares delisted and made private. The man suggests that this will give him the freedom to make the changes he wants to the business. Among some of his other ideas have been allowing longer posts, as you might be aware that there is a character limit per post, and the introduction of the possibility to edit tweets after they have been published. Yet to the latter one, many people have commented that this could allow people to change their posts after they had gone viral or if they had said something problematic, which would make it difficult to hold anyone accountable for wrongdoing, or for people to change narratives.

Could Trump Come Back?

Creation Of Twitter

But how did this platform which had been making headlines even come from? It started as an idea from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey back in 2006. He had originally imagined the platform as an SMS-based communications platform where groups of friends could keep tabs on what each other was doing based on their status updates. So to simply put it, like text but not completely. In its early days the platform was referred to as twttr but that was later changed allegedly due to being less confusing.

Start of The Platform

Jack was the first-ever person to post on the platform at 9:50 pm on March 21st, 2006, and the message simply read “just setting up my twttr”. Though soon complications came as, during the development of the platform, team members would often rack up hundreds of dollars in SMS charges to their personal phone bills. But once they had acquired the company Odeo, they were able to use their model to facilitate Twitter and fully acquire rights to the Twitter platform as we know it best. According to reports, it is estimated that as of January 2022 there are over 397 million users on the platform.

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Musk’s Problems On Twitter
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