Published 2022-04-28
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Christopher Reeve Acting Again. Dead Stars Taking Over Hollywood?

How Do Stars Appear On Screen After Death?

It was once rightly believed that death was the definitive end to an acting career, but today the situation is completely different as it has only become a transition to the digital afterlife. As CGI images have become easier to produce, movie studios are able to very reliably recreate deceased celebrities and even cast them in the lead roles. What's more, nowadays also music icons can return to the stage in the form of holograms, and even go on tours with their former bandmates. As you are about to find out.

Oliver Reed & Gladiator

Let's start with the cult 2000 production of Gladiator and Oliver Reed, who played the role of Antonius Proximo, the trainer of gladiators. Reportedly, he caused a lot of problems on the set of the film, all due to his passion for alcoholic beverages. And although some people might think that nothing could harm him, in fact, Reed died of a heart attack while still filming Gladiator. And since he had a few more key scenes to play, movie director Ridley Scott decided to revive him with CGI technology. Many commented that the effects for those times were stunning, and it is worth noting that the actor was posthumously nominated for his role for the Bafta Award.

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