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Model With The World's Biggest Lips. They Still Aren't Enough?

Bulgarian native Andrea Emilova Ivanova is obsessed with enhancing her beauty. She has visited almost every clinic in the country's capital and spent almost all her savings to get the result that had surprised some people. The young woman after many treatments became the owner of the biggest lips in the world and…is she satisfied with the final result? Or maybe it is still not enough for her? Why did she decide on such an extreme transformation and how do people judge her appearance? Read on to find out.

Who Is Andrea?

Under one of her Instagram posts Andrea wrote: “I can't point out how big is too big, because for each person "big", "bigger" and "too big" are completely different concepts.” It's worth noting that she doesn't think she overdid it with her lip augmentation. In fact, she's considering going even bigger. The 22-year-old, who by day is a German studies student at Sofia University and a model, started her beauty enhancement adventure in 2018. So far, she has undergone 20 hyaluronic acid treatments, and the last one took place in April 2020. When she shared a photo of herself on social media after it, the web was in an immediate uproar.

The Bulgarian Barbie

She was quickly dubbed the Bulgarian Barbie Girl, and it was the desire to resemble the iconic doll that caused her to visit an aesthetic clinic for the first time 3 years ago. To become the embodiment of Barbie, Andrea has come quite a long way, as evidenced by the photo before the transformation. Since then, the size of her lips has quadrupled, and the young Bulgarian said in an interview that she had to visit all the cosmetic clinics in Sofia to make it possible. Besides, almost all kinds of fillers have been applied to her lips, but as she herself pointed out on Instagram, she has no worries about using hyaluronic acid because it is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. She spent thousands of pounds on her lips and admitted that she has actually already lost count when it comes to the total amount she paid for the treatments.

Doctor’s Are Discouraging Her

The only thing stopping her from doing more is her doctors, and some of them have tried to directly convince her that she should definitely give them up. However, as we said before, this is not the plan. Andrea believes that every procedure makes her more beautiful, so she doesn't intend to stop at all. Besides, she's not quite sure if actually, her conspicuous body part is the greatest in the world. Well, according to internet users, it definitely is, and such opinions can be found under the photos she shares on Instagram. As of this moment, she has over 18 thousand followers and receives dozens of comments every day. They are both positive and negative.

Though Her Fans Are Encouraging Her

Some internet users have reportedly praised the size of her lips, writing things like "bigger is better" or "I love Andrea's perfectly large lips". There is also no shortage of compliments about her clothes or lifestyle and most often women express their opinions here. The Bulgarian beauty herself admitted that there are those who like her enlarged face and there are also those who criticize it, but for her, it does not matter because everyone should have the freedom of choice. She stated that she always wanted to fill her lips because it is simply fashionable in her country. She is happy with the result she has achieved because she feels beautiful with bigger lips and there are no boundaries when it comes to more beauty treatments.

Amanda Lepore’s Body Changes

In fact, women are probably the most likely to choose lip augmentation from the wide variety of cosmetic surgeries available. Countless celebrities have undergone lip augmentation, and we're about to show you some of the most shocking results. Well, maybe not as much as Andrea Ivanova, but quite similar. We'll start with Amanda Lepore, who used to be called a moving sculpture. All because she has undergone countless body enhancements and is famous for her controversial looks. It is worth noting that she was born as a boy and, in fact, her adventure with creating an unconventional image began with a sex change at the age of 17. Later on, the list could be completed by, among others, buttocks enlargement with silicone and three times breast enlargement, nose reduction, cheeks treatment with fillers, and even rib removal to emphasize the waist. There have been so many alterations that Ms. Lepore has had to travel to Mexico more than once for surgeries because it has been difficult to find a doctor in the United States who would undertake them. At the same time, her fame was so immense that she was reportedly the first celebrity to be paid to appear at a party. Fashion designer Jason Wu created a doll in her likeness, and Swatch released a limited edition line of watches with her face and giant lips on the dial. The star has participated in campaigns for companies such as Mac Cosmetics and Armani Jeans, in addition to collaborating with numerous artists and photographers and releasing her own music albums. Amanda Lepore is still actively working on her image, and her market value is currently estimated at over $1.5 million.

Michaela Romani Changes

Michaela Romanini was once considered one of the most beautiful women in Italy, and because she still wanted to be perfect she turned to aesthetic medicine. By now she was truly obsessed with her lips, and her life motto was "you can't buy happiness, but you can buy Botox, and it's the same thing". The addiction to fillers has produced a rather shocking result that Ms. Romanini is reportedly very happy with. And since she is as famous in her country as Paris Hilton in the United States, and has an equally lavish bank account, there is nothing stopping her from continuing down the path of cosmetic clinic treatments.

Donatella Versace's Body Changes

Donatella Versace also decided to radically enlarge her lips. In her case, there were so many beauty enhancements, that it is hard to recognize the same woman in her, which we can see in archival photographs from a few decades ago. Sister of the legendary Gianni Versace and co-owner of the famous Italian fashion house, she is known for her love of aesthetic medicine. What did not work out for her, because for many years she was considered a living anti-advertisement of offices specializing in such treatments. The designer has learned her lesson and last year she decided not to enlarge, but to reduce. Thanks to this, among others, her lips returned to more natural size.

Lisa Rina’s Enhancements

Lisa Rina, an American actress, and television personality has called herself a "pioneer in lip augmentation." The star, known for the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, began her nature-enhancing adventure at the age of 24, and by then she had already opted for permanent silicone fillers in her upper lip. The effect definitely attracted attention, and the celebrity proudly presented her new face on the red carpet. However, after a few years, problems began to arise. The silicone literally started to leak, there was a lot of swelling on the face, and thus also a wave of negative comments from viewers and the press. Many doctors at the time spread their arms, claiming that lip reconstruction would not be possible. However, a specialist was eventually found who undertook the task. Despite these rather unpleasant experiences, the celebrity has not completely given up on fillers, except that now she does not choose those with a permanent effect.

Farrah Abraham Failed Surgeries

Stories of failed lip augmentation procedures are probably far more numerous than those that succeed, and Farrah Abraham is also an example of this. The "Teen Mom" star has been no stranger to beauty procedures for many years now, so it's no surprise that she finally decided to enhance her lips as well. Unfortunately, this decision ended with a visit to the hospital emergency room. This is because inserting silicone implants instead of standard fillers caused an allergic reaction and swelled her upper lip to colossal proportions. The girl did not fail to share her experience on Twitter, and internet users immediately compared her appearance to the character Leela from the TV series Futurama or the characters from the animated series The Simpsons. The experience reportedly stopped Miss Abraham from further beauty treatments for good.

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