Published 2022-04-29
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Model With The World's Biggest Lips. They Still Aren't Enough?

The Bulgarian Barbie

She was quickly dubbed the Bulgarian Barbie Girl, and it was the desire to resemble the iconic doll that caused her to visit an aesthetic clinic for the first time 3 years ago. To become the embodiment of Barbie, Andrea has come quite a long way, as evidenced by the photo before the transformation. Since then, the size of her lips has quadrupled, and the young Bulgarian said in an interview that she had to visit all the cosmetic clinics in Sofia to make it possible. Besides, almost all kinds of fillers have been applied to her lips, but as she herself pointed out on Instagram, she has no worries about using hyaluronic acid because it is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. She spent thousands of pounds on her lips and admitted that she has actually already lost count when it comes to the total amount she paid for the treatments.

Doctor’s Are Discouraging Her

The only thing stopping her from doing more is her doctors, and some of them have tried to directly convince her that she should definitely give them up. However, as we said before, this is not the plan. Andrea believes that every procedure makes her more beautiful, so she doesn't intend to stop at all. Besides, she's not quite sure if actually, her conspicuous body part is the greatest in the world. Well, according to internet users, it definitely is, and such opinions can be found under the photos she shares on Instagram. As of this moment, she has over 18 thousand followers and receives dozens of comments every day. They are both positive and negative.

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