Published 2022-04-29
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People Eating Sofas Or A Plane! What Is Pick's Disease?

Not Just A Movie

As it turns out, such situations happen not only in movies. In real life, people swallow various objects, often dangerous to their health, all because of a condition called Pick’s Disease syndrome or Frontotemporal dementia. This serious condition, which is considered to be a mental disorder, manifests itself in an extraordinary appetite for things like paper, objects made of iron, stones, glass, earth, and the list of unusual things eaten is really long. People affected by it explain their behavior in various ways. They say, for example, that they are attracted by the texture of the things they eat or they are convinced that thanks to them they provide the necessary ingredients for the body, e.g. they eat earth because it contains microelements.

Not Just A Movie

Causes For The Disease?

Scientists have proven that the disease is 50% due to deficiency of certain elements in the body, especially iron. It is most common in children or pregnant women, although it does affect men either. It is an extremely rare disorder, and most people who suffer from it try to keep it a secret. Although there are also cases of people with Pick’s disease who literally flaunt it and even treat it as normal eating. This is probably why they make it to the headlines and their unbridled appetite contributes to a lot of fame. You would think this is impossible, and yet it is. And now we will tell you about some such cases and go from the least to the most extreme.

Causes For The Disease?
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