Published 2022-05-10
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A Russian Family Had Lived In Isolation In Siberia For Decades. By Choice Or Were They Forced?

First Meeting With The People There

When they approached the hut the first person to greet them was an elderly man who, according to the geologists' account, looked "like from a fairy tale. He was barefoot, scared, but kind." After a while, he also invited them into his house. Inside there was only one room with a tiny window the size of a palm. The room was very cramped and dirty. And there were two frightened women in it. One, at the sight of the scientists, started screaming hysterically, and the other sat with terror in her eyes. Then the geologists realized that they had to leave the house as soon as possible.

First Meeting With The People There

They Developed Their Own Language

So they moved away from the hut and took out their meal. Half an hour later the old man appeared at the doorstep, and after a while, he and the girls approached the researchers. They asked them if they had ever eaten bread, to which the old man replied, and we quote: "I have, but they have never seen it." The language he used was understandable, but the women spoke in their own way and you could hear that their speech was distorted by long years of isolation. But this is how it was possible to get to know the Lykov family.

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