Published 2022-05-12
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The Woman With The World's Smallest Waist. Wants The Record Regardless Of The Price?

What Is The Record?

The record in this category was set back in 1939 and was only 12.9 inches! It is still unbeaten to this day. Thus, Su Naing is not yet able to beat it, but it is noteworthy that the slimmest waist in history was created by wearing a corset, and not due to a natural predisposition. But who was the record holder anyway? It was Ethel Granger, born in 1905 in the United Kingdom. The woman married astronomer William Arnold Granger at the age of 23. Probably at that time it did not even cross her mind that this marriage would lead her to hold a world record. Mr. Granger was a fan of corsets and it was at his insistence that the woman began wearing them. Although her measurements were close to ideal, as her waist measured about 56 cm, Ethel decided to make it slimmer to satisfy her husband's desires.

How Did It All Happen

In the beginning, she wore the corset only during the day and eventually also at night. The effect of this, after about 10 years of almost uninterrupted wearing of the garment, was the mentioned 12.9 inches in the waist. This made her a record holder and one of the first pioneers of body modification in Europe. But this is not the end of her interesting story. Read on to find out the rest.

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