Published 2022-05-12
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The Woman With The World's Smallest Waist. Wants The Record Regardless Of The Price?

Ethel’s Complete Look

Ethel wore not only super-tight corsets but also extremely high-heeled shoes and countless earrings. There were up to twelve of them in each ear. She also had earrings on her cheeks, on both sides of her nose, and in her septum. There was no lack of them in the nipples either. While such a look may not surprise everyone today, for those years, and we are talking about the time after World War II, it was a real barrier-breaker. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Granger's love of decorating her body was also dictated by the desire to fulfill her husband's expectations.

No One Broke Ethel’s Record

But let's get back to the topic at hand. No one has yet managed to achieve dimensions like Ethel Granger's, although there are other women who have come close. One of them is American Cathie Jung, who currently holds the world record for the thinnest waist among living women. She is 82 years old and has achieved a waist measurement of 15 inches. Her result is also a result of using a corset, which she would wear for up to 23 hours a day. Cathie, at the age of 22, decided to reduce her waistline after having three children. In addition, before she started wearing the corset her waist was 27.9 inches.

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