Published 2022-05-16
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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Scott officially married! Solo Wedding A Sign of Family Tension?

Kourtney & Travis Got Married For Real?

And so it seems that after their practice Vegas wedding, Kourtney and Travis had finally tied the knot on Sunday, May 15th. According to an insider who spoke with People, the reality star and drummer had a license this time, making their wedding legal. The ceremony took place in Santa Barbara and in attendance were a couple of close friends of the pair as well as family members. After getting hitched, the pair were seen driving off in a vintage black convertible with a sign that said ‘just married’ hanging off the bumper.

None Of The Kardashian-Jenners In Attendance?

While fans were more than happy and celebrated the fact the couples got married some were rather confused. As per media reports, the two named and pictured guests at the ceremony were Kourt’s maternal grandmother Mary Jo ‘MJ’ Campbell, and Travis’ father Randy. That is what some fans and the DailyMail were quick to point out, neither of Kardashian’s famous sisters nor her kids was spotted at the wedding, or at a dinner in Montecito afterward. At first, people had commented only that Kylie was missing as she was in Las Vegas with her daughter Stormi to support Travis Scott at the Billboard Music Awards. Though of course, it was later revealed that none of them were in attendance. But what could this mean for the family? Have there been some tensions?

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