Published 2022-05-19
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Google Blurs This House For Ever. What Is The Bloody History Behind It?

Can Anyone Blur Their Property?

Well as it turns out, yes, this is something that can be done. If Google is the owner of the photos then anyone can request to have something on the photo blurred or even have it reported. Though of course there are certain things that must be included, such as a person's face, home, or other identifying information. Basically, anything that might violate the Google-contributed Street View privacy policies. According to local media, one woman in Australia had her entire street blurred from street view as it showed her walking her dog. But when this specific house is concerned, there is a blood-chilling reason that such a decision was made.

Can Anyone Blur Their Property?

The Houses Bloody History

The main reason the house is obstructed from view was that it was the scene of a horrific crime and because it was the house of Ariel Castro. The man, also known as the "Cleveland Monster", was from Puerto Rico, where he was born on July 10, 1960. A few years after his father left the family, he and his mother and siblings moved to Cleveland in the United States, where Pedro lived with his large family. It is said that the mother was very strict with her son, she was aggressive with her words and often punished him with a hand, a belt, or a stick. In 1979, Ariel graduated from Cleveland High School.

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