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British Woman Married Her Own Cat! Such Weddings Aren't Uncommon?

When most people think of marriage they picture something that takes place between two people. However, there have been moments when people have married fictional characters and even inanimate objects. Yet one woman in London had most recently decided to marry her cat! But don’t worry, there is no reason to call the animal welfare groups, there is a reason this woman had to do so and that was to fight her landlord. What exactly happened? Did it work? And what other unusual objects were people in a relationship with? Read on to find out.

 Landlords Did Not Allow Pets

Landlords Did Not Allow Pets

49-year-old Deborah Hodge was already forced to rehome three of her beloved pets in the past due to landlords who don’t want pets in their properties. In her past house, the woman was forced to give up her two huskies, Siri and Starshine, when her former landlord threatened her with eviction. When she moved to her current home five years ago, she was once again forced to give up a pet, this time a cat, called Jamal, or once again, face eviction.

 Landlords Did Not Allow Pets 1

Scared To Lose A Family Member

Commenting on the matter she said that it absolutely broke her heart as pets become a part of the family. After losing her job as a life coach, Hodge was terrified of having to give up her current cat India. If she won’t be able to pay rent she may be evicted and once again will have to find a pet-friendly landlord. So she came up with a way to hopefully get her cat to stay with her.

Scared To Lose A Family Member

Marriage To Her Cat

While stressing over her situation, the mom-of-two got the idea that if she married her cat, it would show any future landlord that the feline was an important part of her life and that she wanted to stay with it. During the ceremony, India was dressed in a tuxedo and the two tied the knot in a civil ceremony presided over by her legally ordained friend. The five-year-old cat was draped in gold Lame for the big day and meowed her vows in front of Deborah’s family and friends in the southeast London park.

The Most Important Thing In Her Life

The unemployed mom from Sidcup said that the cat is the most important thing in her life right after her children. Speaking with local reporters she had said: “By marrying India, I need any future landlords to know that we come as a package and we cannot be separated under any circumstances as she is important to me as the children. I refuse to be parted with her. I’d rather live on the streets than be without her.” But the woman isn’t the only one with an unusual wedding. What other ones have there been? Read on to find out.


Yuri Tolochko And His Doll

Originally from Kazakhstan, bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko not only developed a burning affection for an erotic doll named Margo but also decided to marry her. Before this happened, the couple's relationship had been going on since December 2019 and could be followed on the man's social media. He took his chosen one on foreign trips, strolled with her in public places, and showed their life together. The romance culminated in a wedding. On his Instagram, Tolochko posted a video of the wedding ceremony. There was a cake, a beautifully dressed bride and groom, rings, a first dance, and guests having a great time. The bride couldn't express any emotions, but her husband looked very happy. The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and there is no shortage of comments from internet users, most of them congratulating the newlyweds. Reportedly, only the bodybuilder's parents were not at all happy with his choice. They hoped that one day he would marry a real partner. However, the son preferred to choose otherwise. Finally, we will only note that in Kazakhstan the wedding of Mr. Tolochko was completely legal and legitimate.

Another Doll Marriage

As it turns out, the phenomenon of marrying dolls has happened before. For example, 20-year-old American Felicity Kadlec found happiness in the arms of a doll with a rather frightening appearance. Kelly, for that, is the name of the toy, was a gift the woman received for her 13th birthday. Over the years, she could not part with her anymore. And her relationship with Kelly, as she herself admitted, turned into affection. The wedding took place in the town of Tiverton, Rhode Island. Although most people completely misunderstood and did not accept the relationship with the doll, Mrs. Kadlec said in an interview that she had never been happier.

Woman Marries Her Dog

We will begin our next story with a quote that reads: if anyone knows the reason why this marriage cannot take place, let him bark, speak now or be silent forever. Just such a sentence came from the lips of a presenter leading an unusual ceremony on breakfast television. In front of millions of viewers, watching the popular British program The Morning, a woman named Elizabeth Hoad married her dog, Logan. The couple exchanged rings, although in the case of the pet it was more like a bracelet clasped around his neck. And at the end of the nuptials, the bride kissed her chosen one and he gave her a friendly lick. As you can easily guess, it caused quite a stir among TV viewers, who actively commented on social media. And most of them simply could not believe that such things are really happening. Before this unusual event took place, Ms. Hoad gave an interview. She confessed that she decided to take such a step because she had been disappointed by men many times before, to be exact, she had experienced 4 failed engagements and over 200 disastrous dates. After all this, she came to the conclusion that she would not build a happy relationship with a real man, so instead of one, she preferred to choose her beloved dog as a husband.

Lady Married Herself

Fear of getting hurt, as well as many failed relationships with men, prompted a lady from Naples to marry herself. Yes, you heard it right, 40-year-old Laura Mesi married herself in a lavish ceremony attended by dozens of guests. The bride cut a striking wedding cake, wore a beautiful white gown, and tossed a bouquet after midnight. The event straightforwardly lacked anything you'd see at any other wedding. Except for the groom, of course. The Italian woman made the decision about such a marriage a few years earlier. It was then that her relationship of 12 years ended and Mesi promised herself that if she did not find a suitable candidate for the other half by the age of 40, she would marry alone. All this so that no one would break her heart again. And even though her wedding had no legal consequences, Laura believed that it would bring her happiness anyway. And that's probably the most important thing in all of this, right? We will only add that the phenomenon of marrying oneself has been happening quite often lately. We can even say that it has become a social trend, which has become known as soligamy and is extremely popular among Koreans, for example.

Marriage To Her Cat

Marrying A Hologram

Since you already know that marrying oneself is possible, it should not surprise anyone too much that one can also stand at the altar with a hologram. It took place in Japan a few years ago, and during the ceremony 35-year-old, Akihiko Kondo married virtual singer Hutsane Miku. Her character was created by Crypton Future Media. The couple said the sacramental "I do" to each other at Tokyo City Hall in the presence of nearly 40 guests. Missing among them was the groom's mother, who reportedly stated that it was not a cause for celebration for her. This did not discourage Mr. Kondo, as he had been in love with his hologram girlfriend for a long time, so much so that one day he purchased her engagement ring and made the decision to marry her. There was another argument behind this, namely problems in relationships with real women. In one interview, a Japanese man confessed that he had never had a good relationship with any, so to speak real, representative of the fair sex.

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