Published 2022-05-20
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British Woman Married Her Own Cat! Such Weddings Aren't Uncommon?

Scared To Lose A Family Member

Commenting on the matter she said that it absolutely broke her heart as pets become a part of the family. After losing her job as a life coach, Hodge was terrified of having to give up her current cat India. If she won’t be able to pay rent she may be evicted and once again will have to find a pet-friendly landlord. So she came up with a way to hopefully get her cat to stay with her.

Scared To Lose A Family Member

Marriage To Her Cat

While stressing over her situation, the mom-of-two got the idea that if she married her cat, it would show any future landlord that the feline was an important part of her life and that she wanted to stay with it. During the ceremony, India was dressed in a tuxedo and the two tied the knot in a civil ceremony presided over by her legally ordained friend. The five-year-old cat was draped in gold Lame for the big day and meowed her vows in front of Deborah’s family and friends in the southeast London park.

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