Published 2022-05-23
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Woman Thought Dead Surprises Family At Her Funeral! Are Such Mistakes Common?

Rosa’s Funeral

The woman’s family had gathered for a funeral of the family of their relative on April 26th. But as they prepared for the ceremony and hoisted the wooden structure onto their shoulders, they began to hear odd sounds. Choosing to investigate, they lowered the coffin, and opening the lid they saw the woman looking up at them, very much alive. The caretaker at the cemetery, Juan Segundo Cajo, spoke with the press, “She opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police.”


Being Taken To Hospital

Shocked relatives did not even take Rosa out of the coffin and rushed her to the Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in the town. Once there, doctors found that she had weak signs of life and so they hooked her up to a life-support machine. Sadly, however, her condition deteriorated and she tragically died just a few hours later. Her family, who had to say their goodbyes twice, are now demanding answers. They expressed outrage at healthcare bosses and at the fact that such a mistake took place, to begin with. They suspect that she may have been in a coma following the crash and police in Peru are now investigating just what exactly happened at the hospital. As for Rosa’s nephews who were also injured, local media report that they are still recovering in hospital but are still in serious condition.

Rosa’s Funeral
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