Published 2022-05-27
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A Deadly Meteor, 2 Million People Disappearing & Mysterious Creatures. Time Travelers Warning For Our Future?

A Haker Deletes TikToks

There were two other predictions that the man made. The second one involved a hacker by the name of Stak that will supposedly delete over 36.7 million TikTok accounts due to their strong beliefs against social media and that is set to occur on August 13th. And while many commented that this one actually sounds probable the next one was looked at with a bit more skepticism.

A Haker Deletes TikToks

A Deadly Meteor

And the third event that’s supposed to happen was the biggest bombshell and that involves a meteor. The man claims that on October 12th, 2022, there will be a deadly meteor named ‘The Draconids’ which is set to hit Europe. He did not give much information with regards to the event but added that there will be many casualties.

A Deadly Meteor
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