Published 2022-05-30
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Uvalde School Shooting - 19 More Children Had To Die For Politicians To Think Of Change?

In the past several days the eyes of not just the country, but the whole world have been turned to the town of Uvalde in Texas. All due to the fact that 19 young children and two adults have died after a shooting at the Robb Elementary School. Since then many people had spoken out about what had happened that day, and why it had taken the police an hour to respond. It had also once again sparked up a debate about gun laws. What had been said? Why did President Biden say that change will be difficult? And which celebrities have spoken out about tragedy? Read on to find out.

What Happened?

On May 24th, 11:33 am local time, the gunman who was identified by police as Salvador Ramos was reported to have entered the school through a door that was propped open and then began shooting into the first classroom. The DPS director had told the press that he had shot more than 100 rounds based on audio evidence at the time. In total, hundreds of shots were fired in just four minutes. It was then reported that the 18-year-old had barricaded himself in a classroom and an adjoining one. All of the 19 children and two teachers in those rooms were killed. Responding officers eventually entered the room and a Border Patrol officer fatally shot him. It was also noted that the heinous attack occurred just two days before the students were set to be released for the summer vacation.

Not His Only Crime

Prior to heading to the school to commit the crime, it was reported that Ramos had an argument with his grandmother over his failure to graduate from high school. Local news reported after speaking with the 66-year-olds neighboring, after the argument the teen shot his grandmother. Later reports revealed that the woman was shot in the face and she may never be able to talk again. A family relative spoke with the Post and revealed that she is doing fairly well, considering what had happened adding that she can only communicate by writing at the moment.

Double Tragedy For The Garcia Family

One of the victims was Irma Garcia, who had worked as a teacher at the school for 23 years. She was a mother of 4 children yet a tragedy struck the family once again two days after her passing when it was revealed that her husband had died of a fatal heart attack. The family, who had raised around $2,593,860 in donations for the family, had revealed that they believe the man had died of a broken heart as the two of them were high school sweethearts.

Police Take Their Time To Act

It wasn’t long until further details had emerged that showed that the officers on the scene did not act right away, which caused a wave of criticism to be directed toward to police force. According to CNN, while the 18-year-old gunman was inside the adjoining classrooms, a group of 19 law enforcement officers had stood outside the classroom in the school for roughly 50 minutes. It was reported that they were waiting for room keys and tactical equipment. Texas officials had also revealed that while the law enforcement was waiting, the children inside were repeatedly calling 911 and pleading for help. The Texas Department of Public Safety Col. Steven McCraw had acknowledged errors in the police response to the mass shooting. Speaking with the press had said that the on-scene commander, who is also the Uvalde school district police chief, believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject. “It was the wrong decision. Period. There's no excuse for that.”

President Biden’s Visit To Uvalde

Following the tragedy in the Texan town, President Joe Biden and the first lady Dr. Jill Biden had paid a visit to the elementary school. The pair had visited a memorial of the 21 white crosses, one for each of the killed, and had placed flowers in front of the school sign. Though what most people had focused on was the moment that the president had arrived. Stepping out of his armored limousine he pointed his finger at the demonstrators who were calling for him to “do something” in the wake of the horrific massacre. Despite replying that they would while giving them thumbs up, people aren’t so sure that his promise can change anything. But why? Read on to find out.

Celebrities React

Since the massacre gained national, and even international, exposure many people in the public eye had spoke out with regard to what happened. Meghan Markle was spotted at the school, paying her respects to those who lost their lives. Other stars such as Chris Evans, Lebron James, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez had taken to their social media to call for gun control and reforms, with activist Meena Harris commenting that right now in the US it is easier to get a gun than baby formula. Harry Styles has pledged to donate $1m to the American nonprofit organization Everytown, which advocates for gun control and against gun violence.

Matthew McConaughey Hometown

The Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey is a native of the town of Uvalde and recently was spotted there, meeting with the families of the victims. Though prior to his visit, he had released a statement on his Instagram where he stated that once again, the people had failed to be responsible for the rights that freedom grants them. In the past, the actor had stated that he sees the arguments of both the pro and anti-gun movements and while he supports gun control he worried that it would be hijacked by those wanting to completely ban guns. Though in his current statement he claimed that action must be taken so that no parent has to experience what the parents of Uvalde and others had endured. But could gun control really save everything? Read on.

The Debate For Gun Control

When it comes to firearms and the laws revolving around them, there has been much discourse. Many had stated that what happened in Uvalde has been the deadliest school shooting in the United States since the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. Several activist groups had pointed out that at the time, the nation said never again, yet since then, around 3,865 mass shootings had happened. According to the Gun Violence Archive, an independent organization that collects data from over 7,500 sources, eight people have been killed and another 45 injured in the days following the massacre at Robb Elementary School. Their definition of a mass shooting, the organization defines it as an incident in which four or more individuals are shot and either injured or killed, excluding the gunman.

The Argument Might Not Change Anything?

Though despite all the debates, and Biden’s promise to do something many news outlets report that chances of that happening are slim due to the limited scope of executive power to reshape firearm laws, as well as the president’s administration, struggles to exert its will in Washington. Others had noted that despite a mood of national mourning, there is no sign of a fundamental shift in the tortured politics that lets a Republican Senate minority block meaningful action on gun legislation. However, the Independent has reported that Congress is set to deliberate on responses to the Uvalde shooting, including some restrictions on firearm ownership, in the coming weeks.

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